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Black browed Albatross - Used for the RSPB's Save the Albatross campaign


I've been involved with photography for longer than I'd perhaps like to remember! I had my first camera as a teenager and used it as much as I could to photograph aircraft on my regular visits to Birmingham airport.                                                                                                              

I was, I'm afraid to admit, a childhood spotter! And even today still retain that lifelong love and interest in aircraft.

My interest in wildlife developed from an early age, but was really re-kindled in the early eighties when i lived in Germany as I enthusiastically tried to photograph wild boar in a local wood, at the same time as seeing a slide show from fellow wildlife photographer Tony Wharton.  

The rest, as they say, is history.

Having spent a great deal of my working life in aviation, firstly as an air traffic controller and then as an airport manager, I am now a UK based professional wildlife photographer, leading my own series of Photo-tours designed as small group tours and organised specifically for the wildlife photographer and nature lover.


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I have over the years exhibited widely in National and International photographic salons and received many major awards, including FIAP, PSA, RPS, PAGB & BPE Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

I also regularly act as a selector for the major UK International & National series of photographic exhibitions and have been responsible for the selection of many salons with RPS, FIAP, PSA, BPE & PAGB patronage.


Commercially my images have been used by the Advanced Photographer, BBC, Burghley Life, Daily Mail, FITB, National Geographic, The Guardian, The Times, Ordnance Survey & The RSPB


Gentoo Penguin


Through photo-tours I have been involved with the Falkland Islands for many years and was fortunate enough to have been invited by the Falkland Islands Government representative to stage an exhibition of my images from the Islands at Falkland House in London in 2005.

I hold the distinctions of Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) and Photographer of Excellence of the FIAP(EFIAP). And currently proudly serve as the Chair of the prestigious RPS Associateship & Fellowship(A&F) Nature distinctions panel as well as being a past Chairman of the RPS Nature Group. 

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Please do respect the integrity of these images, they're shown and shared for your enjoyment which i hope everyone appreciates but please do remember that they're not your images and they aren't here for anyone to freely download - So please don't!


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Black browed Albatross












 Wimberley heads & supports



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