Another selection of the fabulous birds of Florida - And a great place to photograph birds along the seashore





Brown Pelican Pair

An adult Ring billed Gull in flight

An adult Laughing Gull in flight

Laughing Gulls

An adult Royal Tern coming in to land

Royal Tern breeding pair

Sandwich Tern

Forster's Tern

An adult White Ibis wading through the shallow waters

 An adult Marbled Godwit just about to take off

 An adult American Oystercatcher

An adult Willet catching a crab


An adult Killdeer

An adult Black bellied Plover moulting through in to summer plumage

A summer moult adult Short billed Dowitcher

An adult summer plumage Ruddy Turnstone scavenging on a shellfish 

An adult Wilson's Plover

A winter plumage Sanderling foraging

An adult summer plumage Dunlin running along the foreshore

 An adult Piping Plover running along the waters edge

 A Least Sandpiper shaking its feathers down after preening


Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Marbled Godwit

 An adult summer plumage Willet

An adult summer plumage Black bellied Plover

An adult summer plumage Ruddy Turnstone 

Caspian Tern