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Wednesday 16th May 2018

Green winged Orchids - New Buck common.


Tuesday 15th May 2018

An idle drive around today on a lovely early summer afternoon - called in to the Norfolk & Suffolk air museum at Flixton. A nice collection of aircraft and an enjoyable hour or so having a look around. 

 An Argentine Pucara close support & strike aircraft. The last time I saw one of these was on the Falklands!!


Weekending Sunday 15th October 2017

A few Fungi from the weeks photography - I have to say that so far this years fungi season in Norfolk has been quite disappointing. Lets hope it starts to improve! 

Birch Polypore on a misty morning

Cauliflower Fungus


Weekending Sunday 08th October 2017

Not really to sure what happened here? - We started off going to photograph the deer rut and ended up photographing Dreamliners!! Ah well, ever flexible and best laid plans and all that! 

Air India - 787 

Virgin Atlantic - 787 

American Airlines - 787 


Weekending Sunday 01st October 2017

A few wildlife images from the 2017 Canadian photo-tour

Bull Moose in snow field 

Bull Elk on a 'chilly' morning

A little Bighorn!!


Weekending Sunday 01st October 2017

With mountain glaciers it's not only fabulous sunrises to capture but the movement and flow of the many beautiful waterfalls - again from this years Canadian Rocky's photo-tour

Johnston Canyon

Maligne Canyon 

Maligne Canyon 



I've been trying to play catch up with the 'latest images' all year and I'm just not winning - So I've decided it's time to admit defeat and to give in!! I'll now come bang up to date with what's current and even though you'll miss some great images from a busy summer at least I'm up to date and we're where we should be with the image 'blog'


 Weekending Sunday 24th September 2017

A few fabulous sunrises from this years Canadian Rocky's photo-tour

Cascade Pools - Banff NP 

Cascade Pools - Banff NP

Patricia Lake - Jasper NP 


Saturday 15th July 2017

RIAT Day 2 - a few random shots from a super day 


Friday 14th July 2017

Another RIAT and another weekend of 'pants' weather!!

Great flying, excellent aircraft - rubbish weather!! Welcome to another great British summer!! 

USAF Thunderbirds F16 

RAF Bae Typhoon fighter - reheat take off 


Weekending 02nd July 2017

 Shuttleworth's annual air pageant - a blue sky day and a great show.

Always been a great favourite place of mine. A great collection of aeroplanes, a great series of airshows and now even better. This is 'the' latest aircraft to be based here at Shuttleworth and I for one truly commend the owner on their decision to base the aircraft at Old Warden, visitors can now see 3 airworthy hurricane's and there's certainly very few places in the world where you can see that - this has to make a special place that bit more special!!


WW2 RAF Hawker Hurricane 


Weekending 25th June 2017

 More studio macro shots


Poppy seed head 

Dandelion seed head 


Weekending 18th June 2017 

 Something a little different - In situ backlit silhouettes of Broom seed pods

Broom seed pods - Mundesley - North East Norfolk 


Weekending 21st May 2017

 A superb few days on Great Saltee. RoI - Seabirds at sunset



Weekending 21st May 2017

During our stay in Spain's Extramadura region we stayed in some beautiful old medieval towns which offered wonderful night photography opportunities - this is just a taster.

Caceres Old town

Trujillo town square


Weekending 14th May 2017

 A couple from our week in central Spain - where there are White Storks nesting everywhere



Weekending 07th May 2017

A few of the weeks Meadow Pipits - I always enjoy looking for these guys as they're always very obliging 



Weekending 30th April 2017

 Still trying to get the 'classic' Adder shot!! - A couple of nice shots from the last few weeks


A recently 'sloughed' male in the classic silver and black colouration. 

A beautiful resting female Adder - The classic coiled posture which I've waited for, for ages.  


Saturday 15th April 2017

Burnham international horse trials - My first event of the year

Ollie Townend flying around the X-country course 

Pippa Funnell gallops away 


 Friday 07th April 2017

This trip to Stonehenge is really full of surprises!!

Walking around the stone ring at Stonehenge and without a care in the world was this Great Bustard - quite incredible!! 


Thursday 06th April 2017

Off to Stonehenge and always on the look out for gate guards.

AAC Westland Scout - Middle Wallop

RAF Hawker Hurricane - North Weald


Weekending 26th March 2017

Apologies for not posting in a while - I've actually been very busy, as if that's nothing different!! but over the past few weeks there's been a lot of tour admin, decorating and gardening to sort, so getting out in the field has dropped a little in priority. I haven't been totally inactive though and this years spring project has been something completely out of my comfort zone and I've been trying find and capture images of Adders in the wild. Having spent most of my free time during February and March looking for them I can say that they really aren't the easiest thing to find, they're actually quite secretive and it takes time and patience to track them down. Over the years I've seen some great images of Adders but they've always been taken under controlled conditions with the snakes being caught and subsequently 'posed' for photography and having absolutely no desire or intention of picking them up, and truthfully we shouldn't be anyway, I wanted to capture images showing what they really look like and how you would normally expect to see them in their habitat and within their comfort zone. Much maligned and feared you do get a feel and appreciation for them when you take the time to watch what they're up to - fascinating little thing's which I for one appreciate and understand far more having taken the time and opportunity to stand, watch and study them. - Enjoy the shots, I'm sure there's a few more to come.

Pre slough males recently out of hibernation.

Two separate Adders taken on different days at different locations. 


Weekending Sunday 19th February 2017

 Norfolk's church's - an on-going project and a first, a few night shots

Mundesley - All Saints 



Weekending Sunday 30th January 2017

 A few landscapes from the winter Yellowstone tour


A very typical Yellowstone scene - looking across Fountain flats. 

Looking very impressive - Fountain Geyser erupting 


Thursday 27th January 2017

Great tour and great company - more shots from this years winter Yellowstone tour

Snowy Bison - just love 'em! 


Tuesday 25th January 2017 

Wolves!! - what a pleasant way to start this years winter tour to Yellowstone NP


Weekending Sunday 11th December 2016

 More from Norfolk's breeding Grey Seals - A little intimacy, or as close as it gets for a Grey Seal



Weekending Sunday 04th December 2016

 Back home from another great Falklands photo-tour but it's now pupping time and time to check out Norfolk's resident Grey Seals

A female Grey Seal

The first of our babies for 2016 - how incredibly cute!! 


Weekending Sunday 04th December 2016

Southern Sea Lion 


A huge mature bull staking out his claim as beach master 

A very cute and relaxed looking female 


Weekending Sunday 27th November 2016

More shots from a fabulous Falklands photo-tour - A truly great place for Penguins  

Gentoo Penguin

Magellanic Penguin 


Weekending Sunday 27th November 2016

Falklands - A great place for Southern Elephant Seals - but what a transformation from Pup to Adult!! 

A young male pup at 4 weeks old -  handsome little chap!!

The mature north beach alpha male - handsome fellow!! 


Weekending Sunday 20th November 2016

Continuing on with the latest Falklands material 


Crested Caracara

Blackish Oystercatcher 


Weekending Sunday 20th November 2016

 More shots from the Falklands - Two King's!

King Penguin & Chick 

King Cormorant take off run 


 Weekending Sunday 20th November 2016

The first selection from this years fabulous Falklands photo-tour. The 2017 is now on sale  - why not join me on a Journey South.

Black browed Albatross courtship 

Falkland Skua aggressive display 


 Monday 31st October 2016

The very last from the deer rut - that's it for this year! 


Fallow Deer bucks 


Saturday 29th October 2016

 A fabulous evening shoot at RAF Brize Norton - this really was a fantastic opportunity to photograph the RAF's transport fleet.




Friday 28th October 2016

Back home and back to check out the local Fungi sites

Mycena galericulata 


Thursday 27th October 2016

 A morning looking around the wonderful RAF museum at RAF Cosford - well worth a visit if you're in the area and the only charge is the car park!! Great value and lots of interesting and rare aircraft to see.


A Boulton Paul Sea Balliol - quite a rare aircraft these days - Many years ago now, but my Dad worked for Boulton Paul 

The start of a dynasty - Sidney Camm's Hawker Cygnet 



Wednesday 26th October 2016

Another excellent TLE shoot - this time a night shoot with the Jaguars at RAF Cosford





Tuesday 25th October 2016

North Norfolk Fallow Deer rut




 Monday 24th October 2016

At last the rains of the past few weeks have stopped and I can get out and do some fungi photography

The first of the 2016 season


 Pale Oyster


Weekending Sunday 09th October 2016 

West Yellowstone always sees the end of a great tour and with such a great amount to see and photograph it's always an excellent place to finish 

Grand Prismatic spring - even after all of these years it never fails to impress 

A very Smokey Old Faithful against distant thunder clouds 


Weekending Sunday 02nd October 2016

Moose from the Grand Tetons




 Weekending Sunday 25th September 2016

Time for this years Yellowstone fall photo-tour and a great start to the tour in the north of the park

Beautiful colours in the Lamar valley - what a truly fabulous place


An early morning start to the 2016 Elk rut 


 Sunday 11th September 2016

Duxford's autumn air show - Meet the Fighters. A lovely day and a very nice show indeed

A WW1 RAF BE2c - from the very early days of flying fighting machines 

R J Mitchell's timeless classic - this time a rare two seat version 


Weekending Sunday 21st August 2016

Rounding up this years flowering season with the Round leaved Sundew


Growing on Sphagnum moss

A close up of the 'sticky' leaves designed to catch the insects on which it feeds!! 


 Weekending Sunday 14th August 2016

As this years wild flower season comes to an end a quick catch up with some last minute flowering. From the largest on the beach to the smallest. 

Curled Dock

Rest Harrow


Weekending Sunday 07th August 2016

 A few flowers from the week from what is fast becoming a very difficult year for the flower photographer - It's been so, so windy!


Self Heal


 Weekending Sunday 07th August 2016

Another fabulous weekend at the 2016 FBE/BETA Festival of British eventing at Gatcombe park

Beanie Sturgis in full flight on Lebowski


Oliver Townend on Dunbeau - A great weekend for Ollie! 


Saturday 09th July 2016

A few of the stars of RIAT 2016

Turkish AF 'Solo Turk' display F16 Fighting Falcon 

Polish AF Mig 29 Fulcrum 


 Friday 08th July 2016

By an absolute country mile the clear 'star' of RIAT 2016  

An RAF F35B Lightning II 

A USMC F35B Lightning II 


Some of Canada's smaller residents

Richardson's Ground Squirrel - The ubiquitous 'Gopher'

Golden mantled Ground Squirrel 


Weekending Sunday 26th June 2016

Some very intimate moment's with these very young Mountain Goats and their Mom's 

Never far from Mom's watchful eye  

 Guarded and protected very closely


Weekending Sunday 19th June 2016

From the smallest to the largest - The predators! 

Grizzly Sow

Gray Wolf 


Weekending Sunday 19th June 2016

Canada 2016 - I spent a lot of time this year photographing the Ground Squirrels as they were just bringing out this years new-born's. So cute!  

Adult Columbia Ground Squirrel on guard 

Baby Columbia Ground Squirrel 


Weekending Sunday 12th June 2016 

Wet June and the really unseasonal weather continues but regardless you still have to get out when you can. Here's a couple of Orchids from the week.


Sunday 05th June 2016

Another great day at Old Warden. The weather was glorious and the flying truly excellent.

The recently built  Bristol Scout replica

RNAS Fairey Swordfish


Weekending Sunday 29th May 2016

My first Horse trials of the year and as always another great weekend of action and sports photography at Houghton


 Weekending Sunday 15th May 2016

I love Gibraltar and I love the Apes - A great place for a long weekend in the sun

Female Barbary Macaque at rest 

Female Barbary Macaque grooming youngster


Sunday 08th May 2016

The seasons opening airshow. A beautiful day and unfortunately far to many people to share it with!!

I had 2 targets for the day and thankfully got lovely shots of them both.


Bristol Blenheim Mk1

Hawker Hurricane Mk1 - A Battle of Britain original airframe 


Weekending 24th April 2016

Great nesting bird shots from another fabulous trip to Florida 

Roseate Spoonbill with chick 

Tri-colored Heron

Snowy Egret 


Weekending 17th April 2016

Super birds from a super trip

 Sanderling feeding

Black bellied Plover 

Dunlin wing stretch

Short billed Dowitcher 


 Weekending 10th April 2016

Lakeland airports Sun n' Fun airshow - Florida 

Another excellent airshow at Sun n' fun and far more images on the Airshows USA page 


Weekending 07th February 2016 

A handful of beautiful landscapes from an excellent photo-tour 

Old Faithful 

A winters scene at Norris basin 

Gibbon Falls 


 Weekending 31st January 2016

 A few shots of American Bison in different weather conditions from the first week - Truly incredible creatures and incredibly well adapted for survival in these harsh conditions - True masters of energy conservation

A normal days 'chillin' 

All covered in frost on a very chilly morning 

In a snow storm! 


Tuesday 26th January 2016

Day 1 and the first trip out on this years Yellowstone winter photo-tour. WY's Wolf & Grizzly centre - always a great day out and an excellent introduction in to photographing in winter condition's.

Some super shots to!! 



Weekending 06th December 2015

It's Seals all the way now - A few from this week


Weekending Sunday 29th November 2015

Atlantic Grey Seals - The first of this seasons arrivals 


A very heavily pregnant female 

Incredible colouration - A very 'Ginger' coloured female with 3 day old pup 

A 2 day old baby 


Wednesday 25th November 2015

 A lucky grab shot on my way home from a morning shoot - The storms started whacking in off the North Sea and for a few minutes before it clouded over completely the last rays of sunshine lit up this gorgeous rainbow

Happisburgh Lighthouse and storm rainbow 


Tuesday 24th November 2015

A Pensthorpe day fitted between the Bath RPS assessments and all of our recent wet & windy days

November really hasn't been a great month for getting out and about!! 

Smew - Drake & Duck


Saturday 07th November 2015 

A great TLE day & night shoot with the Army Historic Flight at Middle Wallop 

De Havilland Beaver

Auster AOP9

Westland Scout


Weekending 01st November 2015

 Whilst looking for more Earthstars we bumped into this tiny neonate Adder - I can't take any credit for the find - All Thanks go to Richard for this one. An incredible find.

Collared Earthstar

 Neonate Adder - It probably looks larger on the screen than it actually was!


Weekending 01st November 2015

A few images from the October Fallow Deer rut

Lots of running and lots of  action 


Weekending 25th October 2015

Weathers still not helping - but a successful search for Earthstars 

Collared Earthstars 


Weekending 18th October 2015

It might not be a classic fungi season but there's always something around and about if you take the time to look - A couple of specimens from the week. 

Amanita citrinum 

Honey Fungus - Armillaria mellea 


Weekending 11th October 2015

Not a great week!! Wind, rain and full of cold! But a few Fungi from a difficult week.

Stump Puffball

Sulphur Tuft


Weekending 04th October 2015

More shots from a fabulous photo weekend 

Ring necked Parakeet 



Weekending 04th October 2015

A long overdue return to Heathrow to catch up on A380's and Dreamliners

A beautifully coloured Thai Airways Airbus A380 

An Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner 


Weekending Sunday 04th October 2015

London's Royal Parks annual Red Deer rut

Red Deer rut stag bellowing 

Red Deer stag 


Weekending Sunday 20th September 2015

All of the debriefs completed from the latest RPS NH distinctions  - The fungi have started appearing so I can now get out and do some serious photography.

A few from this weeks trawl - from the large mass of Serpula covering the tree stump to the diminutive little group of Mycena 

Serpula himantioides

Mycena inclinata 


 Sunday 06th September 2015

Another great show at Shuttleworth - Excellent weather, excellent flying and a super late summers day

The start of a dynasty - You start with a Cygnet and storm in with a Hurricane 

Hawker Cygnet

Hawker Sea Hurricane


Weekending Saturday 23rd August 2015

Carnival week in Cromer and the Blades at Northrepps 




Sunday 09th August 2015

FBE CIC3* eventing championship at it's very best

Paul Tapner at the start of the Cross country - I just love this man's suits!

Andrew Nicholson off to a great start

Unfortunately Andrew was injured later in the day and we all wish him a speedy recovery 


Christopher Burton powers through the water- Winner FBE2015 CIC3* 


Saturday 08th August 2015

Gatcombe Parks fabulous Festival of British Eventing

The thrills and spills of eventing and an absolute rarity on the eventing scene - Willian Fox Pitt gets a dunking 



Sunday 02nd August 2015

Shuttleworth's wings and wheels airshow - A superb airshow with fabulous high level cloud to finish off the flying

Albatross Dv 

The collections Avro Nineteen

Yak 11 Moose 


Week ending Sunday 19th July 2015

 More classic RIAT shots

RAF Heritage pair - WW2 Spitfire in close formation with todays Typhoon 

Japan's JMSDF's brand new Kawasaki P1 maritime patrol aircraft

The Czech AF's Mil24/35 Hind attack helicopter 


Weekending Sunday 19th July 2015

The annual RIAT weekend - A great airshow

Team Zuess - The Greek AF F16 Fighting Falcon 

The ever impressive Belgian F16 display aircraft 

The incredible USAF MV22 Osprey 


Saturday 11th July 2015

The legend that is Flying Legends at IWM Duxford

75 years ago they weren't invited - This time it's different a real pleasure to see them 




 Tuesday 07th July 2015 

 Just messin' with the Wood Pigeons in the garden



 Saturday 04th July 2015

Another great sunny summers day at Northrepps 

 The classic Alon A2 Aircuope

An older version of the Dornier Do28 

Monday  29th June 2015

 Mundesley sea front - Not too bad to have on your doorstep

 Greater Plantain

Curled Dock 


 Saturday 27th June 2015

Just one of those great days at Northrepps International!! -

Everything flying in seems to be an old red classic flying machine 

The ever classic DH82 Tiger Moth 

 The rare Auster Arrow

The even rarer Tipsy Belfair 

 Week ending 13th June 2015

 Banff NP Black Bears


Week ending 13th June 2015 

 From the smallest of the ground squirrels to the largest - The North American Marmots

Hoary Marmot 

 Yellow bellied Marmot


Week ending 13th June 2015

Some all round fabulous photography - I particularly wanted to catch up with some of the smaller animals, so here's a nice selection of Ground Squirrels

 Columbian Ground Squirrel

Golden mantled Ground Squirrel 

 Richardson's Ground Squirrel


 Week ending 06th June 2015

 A few landscapes from this years fabulous early summer trip to the Canadian Rockies

 Athabasca Falls & Spray rainbow

Natural Bridge 


 Week ending 31st May 2015

 Arrived in Western Canada for the start of this years trip to BC & AB and a look at Canadian art culture old and new


 Modern art with Vancouver's  A-maze-ing laughter statues  


 Traditional art - A face carving from one of Victoria's Totem Poles


Week ending Sunday 03rd May 2015

 Lovely Lesvos

 Black winged Stilt

 Wood Sandpiper

 Spur thighed Tortoise

 Hottentot Fig


 Week ending Sunday 26th April 2015


Every year these wonderful umbelifers give us quite a spectacle in the hedgerows of NE Norfolk 


Week ending  Sunday 19th April 2015

 The last of our winter Turnstone's - Still here and just starting to moult through in to summer breeding plumage. I always hope to get one fully changed but rarely do and this will probably be the best we get this year


 Week ending Sunday 12th April 2015

Tranquil spring days in Mundesley on the NE Norfolk coast  and an older use for wind power and a much more modern one!


 Stow windmill


Parascending along the cliff line 


 Saturday 04th April 2015

Burnham International Horse trials 


Francis Whitington

Caroline Powell 


Wednesday March 25th 2015 

 Strange spring weather and really far too windy - So a calm morning with the local Coots was very enjoyable



Friday March 20th 2015 

Solar eclipse 



Friday 13th March 2015

It's Friday the 13th and a photo-shoot at the Yorkshire air museum to photograph the rare and classic HP.Halifax - Friday 13th!


Handley Page Halifax WW2 Bomber 


Douglas C47 Dakota 


De Havilland Devon - RAF comms aircraft 


Wednesday 11th March 2015

North Norfolk over wintering waders 






Tuesday 10th March 2015

A very pleasant and sunny spring day and an unexpected day at Pensthorpe


 A very handsome male Hooded Merganser displaying


Male Tufted Duck stretching it's wings after bathing 


Week ending 08th March 2015

Familiar friends along the sea wall - They'll soon be leaving, so a last opportunity for this winter

Winter plumage Turnstone's along the Walcott sea wall


Week ending 01st March 2015

A few windy days and a lunchtime high tide gave rise to a few coastal gull shoots with raging seas - all very impressive.




 Herring Gulls at Walcott


 Winter Yellowstone 2015 - Final week


Gray Wolf 






Bison fighting 


Bison crossing the Madison river 


Winter Yellowstone 2015

 A few lovely winter landscapes from the tour


Excelsior Geyser 


Gibbon Falls 


Grand Prismatic spring 


Lower Falls 


And something completely different from Vegas City!! 


Week ending 08th February 2015 

More images from a great winter Yellowstone photo-tour 

Grizzly Bear 

 Gray Wolf

  Gray Wolf

 American Bison in snow storm

American Bison 


 Tuesday 03rd February 2015

A great start to the winter Yellowstone tour - a relaxed day at the Wolf & Grizzly centre 

A gorgeous portrait - An adult Gray Wolf resting on the snow 


 Week ending 28th December 2014

More super seals - but that's it as they're just about finished now 

 First swimming lesson complete!

 Juveniles play fighting


Week ending 21st December 2014

More of Norfolk's best wildlife spectacle 

Adult male 

Adult female - resting in the surf 


Week ending 14th December 2014

 Things might have appeared to have been very quiet on the web-site over the past few weeks - but I've been very busy!! and concentrating on these wonderful animals.

 With the breeding season voluntary beach closures it has over recent years become increasingly more difficult to photograph our Atlantic Grey Seals - Thankfully this year I found a new sub colony where photography is possible, so every sunny day I've been down on the beach documenting this very special wildlife spectacle.

 There are more African Elephants in the wild than there are Atlantic Grey Seals - So I feel very privileged indeed to have them on my doorstep and to have spent quality time with them.

Atlantic Grey Seal - courtship 

Atlantic Grey Seal - 10 day old pup 


Week ending 07th December 2014

After a very busy November it's nice to get out with the camera again. Mostly our winters are endless grey days with drizzle, occasionally though there's enough sunshine and gaps in the cloud to give a gorgeous sunset, so it's in to the broads for the windmills. 


Horsey wind pump - Norfolk 


Week ending 09th November 2014

 A few more animals to finish of a fabulous trip to Canada


 Bighorn lambs fighting


 A very young Bull Elk


 A young buck Mule Deer


Week ending 02nd November 2014

More images from a great trip to the Canadian Rockies

American Black Bear

Moose - cow

Bighorn Ram 


Week ending 26th October 2014 

An early winter trip to the Canadian Rockies

Sunwapta Falls - Jasper national park - Alberta 


Week ending 19th October 2014

What with strong winds and excessive rains this years fungi season has been dreadful - These two are about it!

Mycena inclinata

Mycena haematopus


Week ending 30th September 2014

The American Bison - a true Icon of the American wild west





Week ending 30th September 2014

The last week of the tour has given us some marginal weather but on the plus side we've managed some very dramatic & dynamic landscapes.

Beauty Pool

Grand Prismatic Spring


Grotto Geyser


Wednesday 24th September 2014

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon

The backlit spray cloud at the bottom of the falls


Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Le Hardy's rapids



Monday 22nd September 2014

Mammoth - Elk rut

Bull Elk bugling


Sunday 21st September 2014

Mammoth Hot springs

Orange Spring mound

Palette Spring


Saturday 20th September 2014

An interesting start to the 2014 Yellowstone NP photo-tour

Noriss's Black Growler Steam vent


Sunday 07th September 2014

An excellent airshow at Old Warden - Probably the best Shuttleworth display that I've seen in years

I really love this aeroplane, it's one of my favourites in the whole collection and a real rarity

The world's only airworthy Hawker Tomtit

The last of a generation -The Hawker Demon


Sunday 24th August 2014

An exceptionally interesting airshow at Little Gransden

A beautiful Thruxton Jackaroo - One of my favourite classic's from the day


Wednesday13th August 2014

A local coastal walk and coastal landscapes

Groyne erosion

Prickly Saltwort


Sunday 10th August 2014

Amazingly enough after years of photography this was the first time - and at Wendy's insistance that I'd ever photographed the Moon. A period of a giant moon and a great opportunity to get some super shots.


Week ending Friday 08th August 2014

Strange sometimes how you just bump into things. On our way to Gatcombe last weekend we got diverted outside Oxford and found ourselves in Wantage and at the junction driving out of town we found this thing stuck on a pole - what a rarity and what a find.

A classic early English jet - The De Havilland Venom

Stuck on a pole

And as if by magic - it's airborne!


Thursday 07th August 2014

A genuine Norfolk classic - Autumn Gentian


Tuesday 05th August 2014

A strange season with some really hot weather ensuring everything hatches or flowers early

Chalk Hill Blue butterfly with morning dew


Sunday 03rd August 2014

Gatcombe's fabulous Festival of British Eventing

Willian Fox-Pitt

Nicola Wilson 


Friday 01st August 2014

Flowers from the week - It really has been quite a struggle as this strong wind just doesn't subside

Common Mallow

Evening Primrose


Friday 25th July 2014

Air to air time with a classic fighter again - The iconic VS Spitfire


Saturday 12th July 2014

RIAT 2014 - Showtime!

Undoubtedly the stars of this years show - The Polish AF Sukhoi Su22M's


Friday 11th July 2014

It's that time of year again - RIAT 2014

The Dutch display F16 roars in to action


Thursday 03rd July 2014

The Household Cavalry's annual day at the seaside


Tuesday 01st July 2014

An end of season Orchid day and the finest display of Pyramidal Orchids I've ever seen in Norfolk

Pyramidal Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid


Friday 26th June 2014

Images from the week

5-Spot Burnet Moths

Bee Orchid

Sea Bindweed


Friday 19th June 2014

A few wildflowers from the weeks shoot


Meadow Vetchling


Friday 12th June 2014

Heathrow on the way home

A Malaysia Airlines A380 Super Jumbo


Wednesday 10th June 2014

The last few days of our trip was spent in Victoria - I really like Victoria!!

Canada's a great place for floatplanes


Saturday 06th June 2014

Our last day in Banff NP before moving to Victoria

Moraine Lake

A Brown, Black Bear


Friday 05th June 2014

Banff NP

Columbian Ground Squirrel


Thursday 04th June 2014

Banff NP

Black Bear - Just out for a stroll before breakfast!


Wednesday 03rd June 2014

Jasper NP

A nice rim lit female Mule Deer


Tuesday 02nd June 2014

Jasper NP  

Bighorn Ram


Monday 01st June 2014

Jasper NP

Male Black Bear


Saturday 31st May 2014

The start of this years Canadian adventure

Jasper's Totem pole


Wednesday 28th May 2014

A few flowers from the week

Field Woundwort

Star of Bethlehem


23rd-25th May 2013

Another fabulous Houghton International - A great place for action photography

Oliver Townend deep in thought

Sophie Llewellyn charges on at the water


Thursday 15th May 2014

Still windy and most days pretty dull - So do make the most of the sunshine when it appears

Pied Avocet - Cley Marshes


Thursday 08th May 2014

Still to windy for flowers - So another task for a dull day. Church interiors

Thorpe Market


Wednesday 07th May 2014

Here in coastal North Norfolk we seem to be suffering from strong winds this spring which makes photographing spring flowers difficult if not near impossible.

Today's one of those days - So instead of photographing nothing let's see what we can get.

Church yards for Lichens!



Friday 02nd May 2014

Yellow fields every where - Oilseed rape in flower



Thursday 01st May 2014

Back to the woods but this time to concentrate on the Ramsons

A fabulous woodland setting

A simply gorgeous close up - what a beautiful flower


Tuesday 29th April 2014

Bluebell woods - all flowering 2 to 3 weeks early

Exploring the scene and every possibility from the widest wide angle to close up tele-macro



Friday - Saturday 18/19th April 2014

Burnham International Horse trials

Paul Tapner - great suits!

Ollie Townend on Colonel Joe


Wednesday 16th April 2014

A quick stop in at Northrepps revealed this little beauty

A rare and unusual Christen Eagle 2


Tuesday 15th April 2014

Back home and time to get to grips with this seasons spring flowers



Wednesday 02nd April 2014

Another morning at LAS - for more shots see the latest updates in airliners USA

Magnicharters Mexico Boeing 737-300 on finals


Monday 31st March 2014

LAS and a little beauty I've waited ages for

The Southwest 'Shamu' special


Saturday 29th March 2014

Mojave Desert - 29 Palms

Mojave mound cactus

Teddybear Cholla


Friday 28th March 2014

Sunshine, cruisin' and a couple of Air museums

Chino's Boeing FB5

Palmdales's gorgeous Curtiss C46 Commando


Thursday 27th March 2014

Milestones of Flight Museum - Lancaster Airport

A very interesting collection of aircraft - They just need looking after.

A very old ex - RAF Argosy freighter from the back end of a Packet

Just about the last thing I would have ever imagined finding in the middle of the California desert.

I never remebered them being that small.


A California Boeing KC97 Stratotanker


Tuesday 25th March 2014

Morro Bay - Weather quite cloudy but still enough around to 'snap'

Western Gull

White crowned Sparrow - Looking rather cute without its tail


Monday 24th March 2014

Morro Bay and the usual suspects!!

The ever inquisitive California Ground Squirrels



Saturday 22nd March 2014

Where did the time go - We're now in California and on the first day we just happen to find an Airshow!!

Los Angeles county airshow - Lancaster airport Ca

Speechless with this one! - The incredibly rare Northrop N9MB Flying wing

Followed by an incredibly rare North Korean Mig15 - What a day!! 


Monday 03rd March 2014

St Petersburg environs and a great place to finish off this years photo-tour

American Oystercatcher

Black bellied Plover washing


Sunday 02nd March 2014

St Petersburg environs - Photography by moonlight! Well almost!

White Ibis flock feeding by moonlight


Saturday 01st March 2014

Venice Rookery

A fine portrait of a male breeding plumage Anhinga


Friday 28th February 2014

Venice Rookery - One of my all time favourite places

Great Egret in flight


Thursday 27th February 2014


Black Vulture - Portrait

Purple Gallinule


Wednesday 26th February 2014

The Everglades - Osprey heaven!!

Osprey landing on back at nest site


Tuesday 25th February 2014


Double crested Cormorant portrait


Monday 24th February 2014

Wako wetlands

Breeding plumage Cattle Egret

Great Blue Heron


Sunday 23rd February 2014

A morning at the wetlands and an afternoon at Green Cay

A very pictorial Great Egret

A beautiful male Red winged Blackbird


Saturday 22nd February 2014

Wetlands magic on Florida's east coast

Drake Blue winged Teal



Friday 21st February 2014

Where on earth did a month go!!

Day 1 of this years fabulous Florida photo-tour and what a start with great sessions with American White Pelican that you normally can't get too close to.

Gear down and landing on

Big birds with huge barn door wings always look impressive


Monday 20th January 2014

Volunteer Point and our last days photography on this years Falklands photo-tour

King Penguin pair


Friday 17th to Sunday 19th January 2014 

 Lots of opportunities and lots of photographs from Saunders but so far no time to process them!!


Thursday 16th January 2014

Classic Saunders Island

What a privilege it is to spend time with these fabulous gentle birds

Black browed Albatross courtship

Black browed Albatross adult in flight


Wednesday 15th January 2014

Classic Carcass Island 

certain areas of the coast have these gorgeous lichen covered rocks which make a fabulous backdrop 

Blackish Oystercatcher



Tuesday 14th January 2014

action amongst Carcass's increasing population of Elephant Seals

Juvenile Southern Elephant Seal fighting

Juvenile Southern Elephant Seal fighting 


Monday 13th January 2014

Carcass Island

King Cormorant on nest

The ever present predatory Falkland Skua


Sunday 12th January 2014

It's not all about Penguins!!

Adult Two banded Plover

Fledgling Falkland Thrush


Saturday 11th January 2014

A sunny morning for small birds and a very blowy afternoon on the beach

Magellanic Snipe

Gentoo Penguin on a wind swept beach


Friday 10th January 2014

A day for Southern Elephant Seals

Sometimes all's quiet

Sometimes it's not!!!


Thursday 09th January 2014

On to Sea lion Island today and for a start something a little different

Falklands Flightless Steamer Ducks - Aggression

Snowy Sheathbill


Wednesday 08th January 2014

It's really what the Falklands is all about - More Penguins!!

Magellanic Penguin - Adult

Magellanic Penguin - Youngster


Tuesday 07th January 2014

What a great start to the year and a great start to the latest Falklands photo tour

Any day spent on a beach with Penguins just has to be great!!

Gentoo Penguins on a beach stroll

Making a splash!


Wednesday 11th December 2013

In what's fast becoming a mild but grey cloudy month a sunny day and a great meet up at Pensthorpe for the Florida 2014 get together

A super sunny day with great winter colour and reflection

Drake Mallard

Drake Goldeneye

Drake Northern Pintail


Sunday 08th December 2013

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Wrinkled Crust

Jew's ear Fungus

Blood stemmed Mycena


Monday 02nd December 2013 

Time to get some Turnstones in the bag!!



Sunday 01st December 2013

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Orange Mosscap

Mycena galopus

Mycena haematopus 


Sunday 10th November 2013

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Horsehair Fungi

Jelly Tooth

Mycena polygramma 


Sunday 03rd November 2013

 Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Mycena galopus

Neobulgaria pura

White Coral Fungus


Sunday 27th October 2013

The weeks wind and rain continue to be restricting but thankfully I'm still managing something

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Mycena inclinata - mature specimens

Mycena galericulata - young specimens

Mycena galopus


Sunday 20th October 2014

From what's turning out to be a difficult month with strong winds and rain.

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Honey Fungus

Oyster Mushroom

Artist's Palette


Sunday 13th October 2014

Fungi from the week - North Norfolk woodland

Dyer's Mazegill

Shaggy Pholiota

Blood stemmed Mycena



Sunday 07th October 2013

More Deer!


Saturday 06th October 2013



Friday 04th October 2013

My annual trip to London's Royal parks for the annual Deer rut - read my article in the Advanced Photographer

Mature rut Red Deer stag with head dress


Thursday 03rd October 2013

Time for my annual trip to London's Royal parks for the Red Deer rut and the years last sessions at Heathrow

As the sun was setting i decided to go out and get some 'last light' shots and managed to get gorgeous light on this fabulous Air Malta Airbus A320 on finals


Saturday 28th September 2013

An afternoon studio session with a few collected caps

Slimy Beech Cap -Cap detail and natural pattern shot


Thursday 26th September 2013

Felbrigg Woods

Coprinus micaceus 


Wednesday 25th September 2013

Quite slow at the moment - but another seasonal Fung foray

Parasol Mushroom - Cap detail


Monday 23rd September 2013

A very busy admin monthe so far - So at last a first chance to get out and check on the progress of the forthcoming Fungi season

False Chanterelle


Sunday 08th September 2013

A couple of shots from this weekends fly-in at Northrepps

RANS RS7 Courier

Maule M5


Wednesday 04th September 2013

Late Summer moves at Northrepps

Vans RV9


Thursday 29th August 2013

Our first day and the opening of our exhibition at NWT Cley visitors centre

If you're in North North Norfolk please do call in and see us 


Tuesday 27th August 2013

Taking a break from some essential admin work and a new look at some of last weeks work from Northrepps. A very enjoyable couple of days with thanks to Chris, Kevin and Adam for their hospitality.

Blade 4's Extra


The Wildcats Edge

The Wildcats Edge

Blade 2's Extra


Wednesday & Thursday 21st -22nd August 2013

Northrepps - A great little airfield and some great movements in support of this years Cromer carnival

Blade 4's Extra on departure

UKPA's Cessna Caravan

The Wildcats Edge

The Wildcats Pitts

Blade 2


Tuesday 20th August 2013

North Norfolk flowers

Just like miniture sunflowers - The gorgeous Tansy

Hedge Bindweed


Saturday 10th August 2013

Another great 'Just Jane' night photo shoot


Thurdsday 08th August 2013

Chalk Hill Blue's paired



Wednesday 07th August 2013

North Norfolk's Chalk Hill Blues 




Sunday 04th August 2013

FBE - Gatcombe Park


Andrew Nicholson on Avebury

Sam Griffiths on Happy Times


Saturday 03rd August 2013

The Festival of British Eventing - Gatcombe Park


Emily King on the show jumping course

Antoinette McKeowen on A' taking the steps


A few more great shots from Friday's photo-shoot


Friday 26th July 2013

RIAT may have been disappointing but my goodness today more than made up for that!!

A great day, a wonderful experience - And thanks to everyone. 

How close is close??!!

Hawker Hurricane

Vickers Supermarine Spitfire


Tuesday 23rd July 2013

North Norfolk flowers



Saturday 20th July 2013

RIAT Airshow day and the promised blue sky disappeared - Cloudy all day and rather disappointing


The new BA A380 with the Red Arrows - A classic formation

Bae Tornado GR4 - The 617Sqn commemorative aircraft on take off


Friday 19th July 2013

RIAT 2013 arrivals - very hot with torrid heat haze

Airbus A400M Atlas - A long time in the waiting but very impressive and incredibly manouverable for such a large aeroplane

Irish Air Corps CASA295


Wednesday 17th July 2013

North Norfolk - The female Burnet Moths must have all been hatching this morning

5-Spot Burnet Moths paired


Saturday 13th July 2013

Duxford - Flying legends

The Hispano Buchon - Me109 on finals

The re-enactors get better each year - Luftwaffe crew & Storch


Friday 12th July 2013

Heathrow for Dreamliners!! - One caught fire and closed the airport - So nothing very much really!

           At least we got something before the airport closed !! - A Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner.             Taken from the rear to show the banana shaped wing curve


Tuesday 09th July 2013

Newmarket's fabulous Lizard Orchids




Monday 08th July 2013

North Norfolk flowers

Common Spotted Orchid

Fragrant Orchid


Sunday 07th July 2013

North Norfolk flowers

Pineapple Mayweed


Friday 05th July 2013

More cavalry encounters - today's the Blues & Royals

A good old fashioned cavalry charge!


Thursday 04th July 2013

The Household Cavalry's annual beach trot at Holkham

Andy Drummond on Warlord - Very impressive!


Sunday 30th June 2013

For once - Sunshine & Shuttleworth!! Too windy for the classics though but still a great day

Hawker Hunter T7

North American T28 Fennec


Saturday 29th June 2013

Although there's been no major improvement in the weather, this years wild flower project continues. A few shots from the weeks efforts.

Early Marsh Orchid


Sea Milkwort

Dog Rose

Ragged Robin 


Friday 21st June 2013

The winds are really being unkind at the moment and just so strong for this time of year - Anyway a quick hour in the evening once the winds had died down.

Common Field Poppy - Backlit to enhance the detail of the hairy stem and bud


Wednesday 19th June 2013

 Marshland plants at Upton Fen and no wind for once

Marsh Lousewort

Ragged Robin


Monday 17th June 2013

Continuing on with North Norfolk's wild flowers

Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle


Friday 14th June 2013

A few birds - but still ridiculously windy!! Will it ever settle down?

Meadow Pipit displaying

Male Reed Bunting


Wednesday 12th June 2013

Far too windy again today - Just like October!! So a few more macro shots from the last few days

Common Chickweed

Winter Purslane


Tuesday 11th June 2013

A little more windy this morning and really strong winds forecast for the remainder of the week - So a quick dash for some more flowers


Fine and delicate detail on this close up of a Dandelion seedhead

A lovely Broom flower


Monday 10th June 2013

Wind a little less drastic this morning - So more flowers

Germander Speedwell

Ground Ivy


Friday 07th June 2013

Still trying for more Flowers - but this wind continues to be a killer

Red Campion


Wednesday 05th June 2013

More Flowers - but really far, far too windy

Dandelion Seedhead - 2 gusts of wind and it was all gone!!

A very late flowering Bogbean


Monday 03rd June 2013

North Norfolk Coast - Flowers

Yellow Horned Poppy


Saturday 25th May 2013

This years Houghton International Horse Trials

Karim Laghouag - The eventual CCI*** overall winner - Houghton International 2013

Arabella Clegg on Danse de Feu - Houghton International


Friday 10th May 2013

'The Rock' Gibraltar - I've said it before but Gib really is a great place for a mini-break or long weekend. There's a lot of history to follow and some good photo-travel images to be grabbed. Apart from that folks travel thousands of miles to photograph the Snow Macaque in Japan whilst these fabulous beasts sit on our doorsteps - well almost!!. A no brainer to me!!

Barbary Macaque

Barbary Macaque grooming - absolute contentment


Monday 06th May 2013

LHR on the way to Gibraltar

One I've been after for a while - A Malaysia Airways A380 - LHR's latest A380 operator, Thai & BA next up.

Virgin's Lady Penelope


Sunday 05th May 2013

The classic that is the Badminton Horse Trials

Jonathon Paget - eventual overall winner for 2013


Nicky Roncoroni on Trig Point


Thursday 18th April 2013

Fantasy of Flight Air Museum

Couldn't resist this one especially when I saw what was on stand - As if the PBY wasn't good enough the rarity of the Maruader made it an absolute must.

Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina

Martin B26 Marauder - The world's only remaining airworthy example.


Sunday 07th April 2013

Another great Florida Photo-tour may be over for another year but I'm still here!! And still shooting - this time it's the New Smyrna air show. A nice little show with some interesting stuff!! 

 Douglas A4C Skyhawk

 Team Aeroshell AT6 - NASCAR burn!

 No it's not a plane! But everyone was simply amazed with this Jet powered School Bus


01st & 2nd April 2013

St Augustine - Simply superb for flight photography 

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Wood Stork


Sunday 31st March 2013

St Augustine

Exploring the light - Same bird, same location, different times

Great Egret preening at sunrise

Great Egret returning to roost at sunset


Saturday 30th March 2013 

Unfortunately the end of the tour gets nearer but at least it's rounded off at St Augustine - One of my favourite destinations and somewhere that always yeilds great images.   

A simply gorgeous adult Roseate Spoonbill - what a bird!!


Friday 29th March 2013

Our day at Gatorland - There's always something!!

A gorgeous backlit preening Great Egret

Great Egret chick


Thursday 28th March 2013

 A final morning on the beach yeilded some great results

Sandwich Tern



Wednesday 27th March 2013

 More fabulous shots from coastal St Petersburg

Reddish Egret fishing

Short billed Dowitcher feeding


Tuesday 26th March 2013

More fabulous shots from coastal St Petersburg 

The ever graceful Marbled Godwit 

Mourning Dove


Monday 25th March 2013

Coastal St Petersburg

Great Egret landing

American Oystercatcher - take off run


Sunday 24th March 2013

 Another interesting day at Venice Rookery

Great Blue Heron returning to nest with nesting material

A very cute looking Yellow browed Warbler


23rd/24th March 2013

Venice rookery and an excellent opportunity for some great protraits of Anhinga - All with fill flash showing how effective this technique can be on both dull and sunny days


Friday 22nd March 2013

Looking for the Florida Scrub Jay - Not quite the perch I was looking for but at least I got the shot which Jeff didn't!!

 Wetlands - Melbourne area

 American Coot feeding


Thursday 21st March 2013

The start of this years Florida Photo-tour

Gorgeous Sandhill Crane's in the Melbourne wetlands


Saturday 16th March 2013

East Kirkby & the 'Just Jane' Photo shoot


Thursday 14th March 2013

Waders - North Norfolk coast

Redshank fishing



Tuesday 05th March 2013

Snow Buntings - North Norfolk Coast


Monday 04th March 2013 

Turnstones - North Norfolk Coast


Friday 08th February 2013

Whooper Swans at WWT Caerlaverock


Thursday 07th February 2013

Dumfries for the GB Gold Cup selection and a great photo opportunity

Thanks to Edmund for looking after me and to Mick for the loan of the garden and squirrels


Friday 25th January 2013

A last session at LAS

The Southwest Nevada special

An Aeromexico B737


22 -25 January 2013

Las Vegas night photography


 Tuesday 22nd January 2013

LAS airport

A Frontier Airbus A320

A Spirit Airbus A319


Monday 21st January 2013

LAS Airport

Finals at LAS - A gorgeous SouthWest Boeing 737 against a super sky


Sunday 20th January 2013

Ring billed Gull

California Ground Squirrel


Saturday 19th January 2013

Heerman's Gull - portrait


Friday 18th January 2013

La Jolla

Brown Pelican preening

Royal Tern landing


Thursday 17th January 2013

La Jolla and more of those gorgeous 'Red' Pelicans

Brown Pelican - pacific race


Wednesday 16th Janaury 2013

La Jolla

Brown Pelican pacific race - Head throw - Looks really strange head on


Tuesday 15th January 2013

Piedras blancas


Northern Elephant Seal - Adult male displaying


Monday 14th January 2013

Morro Bay

Western Gull


Sunday 13th January 2013

Piedras blancas

Northern Elephant Seal - Young male


Saturday 12th January 2013

LAX - California 2013

 A Qantas Airbus A380


Friday 11th January 2013

LAX - California 2013

A KLM Asia Boeing 747

A United Boeing 787 Dreamliner - I was hoping to see a lot of these, unfortunately due to various problems the whole fleet were grounded!


Saturday 29th December 2012 

Apologies to you all - Due to our previous ISP's incompetance we're still without phone or internet after our recent move - Hopefully and thanks to BT we'll be back on-line with more new images soon. 


Wednesday 12th December 2012

12.12.12 was just too good an opportunity not to say something - No latest image updates since we returned from Canada. No it really hasn't been a quiet month, we're just moving home so the photography has had to play second best for the moment.

A normal service will be resumed soon.


Tuesday 20th November 2012

Back in Banff

Bull Elk grazing - Vermillion Lakes


Monday 19th November 2012

Columbia Icefields



Sunday 18th November 2012

Jasper NP

A really gorgeous icy scene at JNP's Sunwapta Falls


Saturday 17th November 2012

Jasper NP

A very icy and wintery Athabasca Falls


Friday 16th November 2012

The frozen slopes of Medicine Lake - Jasper NP

Bighorn sheep - ram

Bighorn - ewe


Thursday 15th November 2012

Jasper NP

Female Moose - Medicine Lake road


Wednesday 14th November 2012

Jasper NP

A young bull Elk delicately kneeling down in the snow


Tuesday 13th November 2012

Snow covered trees - Lake Louise


Monday 12th November 2012

Bow valley parkway

Bighorn Sheep - Adult Ram


Sunday 11th November 2012

-21c !!!!

Castle Mountain - Banff NP


Saturday 10th November 2012

Cascade pools - Banff

Snow covered bench - Only a bench but producing a gorgeous shadow shape


Friday 09th November 2012

Banff area - wildlife

Magpie in snow


Thursday 08th November 2012

The Canadian Rockies and a trip for winter photography

Two Jack Lake - Banff NP


Friday 02nd November 2012

More Fallow Deer - North Norfolk

Fallow Buck - Early morning

Fallow Deer - Young Buck


Tuesday 30th October 2012

Fallow Deer rut - North Norfolk



Monday 29th October 2012

More Fungi - Not as good this week as there's been far too much rain

Mycena galopus - Just love micro fungi growing on pine cones


Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Even though the weather isn't helping - more fungi

Sulphur Polypore - Chicken of the Woods

Milking Bonnet - Mycena galopus


Monday 22nd October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk - Thick fog all day so a very short session

Sulphur tuft


Saturday 20th October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk

Giant Polypore

Pholiota adiposa


Friday 19th October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk

 Mycena galericulata


If you haven't read it yet check out my latest article on fungi photography in Novembers issue of   Advanced Photographer


Thursday 18th October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk

Mycena vitalis


Wednesday 17th October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk

A group of young Mycena galericulata


Monday 15th October 2012

Fungi foray North Norfolk

Mycena inclinata


Friday 12th October 2012

A morning with the Red Deer and an afternoon at Heathrow before coming home

A BMI Airbus A330 climbing out

A handsome rut Stag


Thursday 11th October 2012

A short notice trip to Heathrow

A KLM Boeing 737 on short finals


Tuesday 09th October 2012

A first look at this seasons Fungi

Honey Fungus cluster

Honey Fungus


Sunday 07th October 2012

LHR and a last few grab shots before heading home

Virgin's new scheme on the A340


Saturday 06th October 2012

Red Deer Stag bugling


Friday 05th October 2012

Rutting Red Deer stag with headress


Thursday 04th October 2012

Heathrow and the weekend of the Deer rut at the Royal parks

Emirates Boeing 777


Saturday 29th September 2012

A last look around West Yellowstone's fabulous geo-thermal features

Geyser Hill

Sapphire pool


Thursday 27th September 2012

Yellowstone's Upper geyser basin

Old Faithful - It just wouldn't be a Yellowstone photo-tour without an OF eruption

The incredible Chromatic pool


Wednesday 26th September 2012


Female American Bison


Tuesday 25th September 2012

Storm clouds gathering over the Grand Teton's

Fall colour GTNP


Monday 24th September 2012


Bull Moose


Sunday 23rd September 2012

Sunrise at the Fishing bridge


Saturday 22nd September 2012

Yellowstone's Hayden herd

American Bison - young bull


Thursday 20th September 2012



Wednesday 19th September 2012

Yellowstone's geo-thermal features

Orange Spring Mound


Tuesday 18th September 2012

Yellowstone 2012 off to a great start with the Elk rut in Mammoth

Bull Elk - rut behaviour

Elk - young cow


Thursday 13th September 2012

On the way home from Bath and another Heathrow stop -over

Transaero Boeing 737

BMI Embraer E145


Wednesday 12th September 2012

A couple of days in Bath and some great night photography opportunities

Pulteney Bridge on the River Avon in Bath


Tuesday 11th September 2012

On my way to Bath again and another stop off at Heathrow 

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

A British Airways Boeing 777 against a stormy sky


Sunday 09th September 2012

Another classic Duxford formation


RNHF Fairey Swordfish and An2


Wednesday 05th September 2012

RAF Lakenheath - A day for Eagles!!

F15C - single seat fighter

F15E - Two seat strike variant


Saturday 1st September 2012

Land Rover Burghley International Horse Trials

Beanie Sturgis on Lebowski - Burghley 2012

Willa Newton riding Neelix - Burghley 2012


Wednesday 22nd August 2012

On the way to Bath to select the 2012 IPIE - I love going to Bath as if I need an excuse to call in at Heathrow

An Iberia Airbus A320

A KLM Boeing 737


Monday 20th August 2012

A last look at the Chalk Hill Blues

Chalk Hill Blue - female

Chalk Hill Blues - paired


Sunday 19th August 2012

Snettisham high tide roost

Oystercatcher chick


Tuesday 14th August 2012

Another go with the Butterflies - but then it started raining!!!!!

Chalk Hill Blues coupled


Monday 13th August 2012

This dreadful summer's weather continues - but between the showers and wiind a fine session with these wonderful little butterflies. Chalk Hill Blues N.Norfolk

Chalk Hill Blue Butterfly - Male

Chalk Hill Blue Butterfly - Female


Thursday 9th August 2012

A nothing day drive found us going to see East Kirkby's Lancaster 'Just Jane' - what a fabulous aeroplane and it works - four merlins fired up has to be good in anyone's book!!



Sunday 5th August 2012

Cromer RNLI Lifeboat launch


Thursday 26th July 2012

RAF Coningsby - Toy town's Typhoons

A 3 Sqn Typhoon FGR4

A 29(R) Sqn Typhoon T3


Wednesday 25th July 2012

A very quiet day at Mildenhall but the RC135 certainly made the wait worthwhile

Boeing KC135 Stratotanker

Boeing RC135U


Tuesday 24th July 2012

With very little left of the 2012 flowering season more North Norfolk flowers

Great Willowherb

Hedge Bindweed


Monday 23rd July 2012

A quick 'skoot' to Marham

Bae Hawk T1 turning finals


Friday 20th July 2012

More of Cromer's coastal plants

Sea Rocket - habitat

Sea Rocket - close up


Tuesday 17th July 2012

Few plants can survive on sand - a few of Cromer's coastal specialities

Prickly Saltwort

Sea Rocket


Sunday 15th July 2012

The wind, rain and overcast conditions continue making imaging incredibly difficult


Gorgeous Fragrant Orchid inflorescence - Beeston, N Norfolk


Sunday 8th July 2012

A last minute decision to go on Sunday gives a welcome break in the weather - What a super day


Aero L39 Albatross's of the Breitling aerobatic team

The Belgian F16 Fighting Falcon climbs away in to it's display


Friday 06th July 2012

RIAT Friday arrivals - cold & wet and welcome to another awful English summer

No6 Sqn RAF Typhoon fighter over the threshold

The stars of this years show - The Black Eagles T50's of the ROKAF


Wednesday 04th July 2012

The Blues & Royals on Holkham beach



Sunday 01st July 2012

Duxford - Flying Legends - An enjoyable but cloudy day. It was supposed to be sunny but nothing surprises me this summer!! 

Sopwith Triplane

Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk


Thursday 28th June 2012

Cromer cliffs - still really windy but you do the best you can!

Early Marsh Orchid ssp coccinea

Common Spotted Orchid


Wednesday 27th June 2012

Overstrand cliffs on a pleasant but windy day

Purple Broomrape

Really pleased with these shots a wonderful little plant and the best flowering that I've seen in years


Tuesday 26th June 2012

Upton Fen for Marsh Orchids

Southern Marsh Orchid

 Early Marsh Orchid


Tuesday 19th June 2012

More North Norfolk flowers - A lovely day but really too windy for flower photography

Smooth Hawksbeard


Monday 18th June 2012

North Norfolk flowers

The diminutive tiny Scarlet Pimpernel 


Sunday 10th June 2012

This awful unsettled weather continues and it's quite a struggle to make any quality images. Today's been the first sunshine in June and it clouded over by 0900!!

Anyway some of this mornings grab shots of North Norfolk's Meadow Pipits

Meadow Pipit displaying

Meadow Pipit preening


Thursday 31st May 2012

North Norfolk coast

Late flowering Sea Campion growing on a shingle beach


Wednesday 30th May 2012

North Norfolk coast



Monday 28th May 2012

North Norfolk

Skylark displaying


Saturday 26th May 2012

Out on the Cross Country course

Czech rider Jaroslav Hatla on Westwinds El Divo

Emily King riding Mr HiHo


Friday 25th May 2012

Houghton International Horse Trials - After the cancellation of the events at Badminton & Chatsworth it's great to get out and get some images

Olympic hopeful Piggy French on Jakarta

 German International rider Andreas Ostholt on Castell - What a fabulous back drop


19th May 2012

Not always Wildlife!!

With the cost of the new series Pro' lenses increasing so much it becomes so important to protect and look after your equipment both from a re-sale point and in order to keep it ready and in working order.

Great Neoprene protective covers to protect your lenses - Check out Outdoor Photography Gear range of equipment covers via the link on the home page and links page



Wednesday 16th May 2012

OMG - Sunshine again!!!!

Adult Avocet ruffling feathers


Monday 14th May 2012

Another grey and rainy day - Will settled weather ever arrive!!

Male Reed Bunting


Sunday 13th May 2012

A lovely morning in this never ending changeable weather allows an opportunity for breeding Avocet

Avocet pair


Saturday 12th May 2012

The weather's not really improving at all - All rather disappointing. So this is as good as it gets!!

Meadow Pipit 


Tuesday 8th May 2012

Even though the weather remains rather unsettled I'm still managing the odd trip out to capture some spring flowers before they're over - Really windy again making things quite difficult





Wednesday 02nd May 2012

A day that started off well with a lot of plants flowering - Unfortunately the day was cut short once the wind picked up after lunch

Common Comfrey

Forget me not


Monday 30th April 2012

At last a little sunshine - April's weather really has been rubbish and afforded very few NH imaging possibilities


After weeks of cold and rain today was a good migration day with loads of Wheatear's along the coast 

And there's still a few winter migrants - Norfolk's remaining Turnstone's moulting in to their gorgeous summer plumage


Monday 23rd April 2012

All in all It's not been a great month - So a quick hour before the next batch of rain arrives

Meadow Pipit displaying - Doesn't look much but that's all you get!!


Tuesday 10th April 2012

 Back home and checking out the local sites

Redshank swimming - very interesting behaviour and the first time I've ever recorded it


Monday 02nd April 2012

Venice - Probably the best place in the world for Great Blue Heron

Flying low over the pool

A quick shake down on the nest site - It's all action


Sunday 1st April 2012

Sun 'n Fun - Another great Air Show - From one old Boeing to the latest!!


A USNavy Boeing F/A 18 Hornet

A Boeing PT17 Stearman with flames licking from the radial


Friday 30th March 2012

St Petersburg environs

Great Blue Heron amongst sea grassess


Wednesday 28th March 2012

Brown Pelican frolics in St Petersburg




Sunday 25th March 2012

An exciting start to this years trip to Florida with a day at the Florida International Air Show

This beautiful Corsair rotates on take off - A classic warbird

Worth the trip for this rarity alone!! One of the Black Diamond's MIG 17's on a reheat pass


Tuesday 20th March 2012

March and everything's Yellow!! Gorgeous spring flowers

Lesser Celandine


Monday 19th March 2012

A major incident in town this afternoon required the need of 2 air support helo's


An RAF Westland Sea King


Sunday 18th March 2012

Mostly grey cool days but when the sun shines courting Mallards wash and splash around as part of their courtship ritual giving lots of action and lots to photograph 


Mallard Drake

Mallard Duck


Sunday 11th March 2012

So far March is a bit quiet - but a lovely sunny spring day and a drive over to Old Buckenham produced some nice GA aircraft

An old Piper Cub - I confess to be mildly excited at seeing this, an old favourite of mine

An old French Jodel Ambassadeur


Friday 02nd March 2012

A last chance to grab winter flowers most of which are now just about over and finished

 The gorgeous Winter Aconite


Thursday 01st March 2012

What a fabulous day for a naturalist to be out and about - A really warm and pleasant spring morning with loads to see

Our summer breeding birds are starting to arrive back home Skylark & MPipits singing and this gorgeous Ringed Plover caught whilst feeding - I just love reflection shots


Tuesday 21 February 2012

The 'usual suspects' bathing


Friday 10th February 2012

Feeding Dunlin and reflection


Tuesday 07th February 2012

Another bitterly cold day but more N Norfolk winter waders

Feeding winter plumage Dunlin

Winter plumage Knot on coastal shingle bank


Monday 06th February 2012

The cold snap continues and after the weekens snow falls a chance to get out and capture what evers around in the snow

The usual suspects!! - Turnstone walking on snow

But who would have ever expected this - A great shot - Knot on snow - what a find!!


Friday 03rd February 2012

A little bit of sunshine and a freezing night giving icy pools - quite a rare occurence this winter

Drake Mallard

Mallard Duck


Wednesday 01st February 2012

A sunny but windy day at Pensthorpe

A wind blown 'punk' Tufted Duck

Femaale Tufted Duck


Saturday 28th January 2012

It's also been a good winter for Gull portraits

Common Gull winter plumage - Not so common but what a gorgeous little Gull this is


Immature Black headed Gull


Friday 27th January 2012

Redshank fishing North Norfolk - It's been a good winter for confiding Redshank


Monday 23rd January 2012

With a week of wind & rain forecast a day to grab whatever - More winter portraits

Common Gull - Yellow bill moult bird

 Common Gull - Sea green bill winter plumage bird


Tuesday 17th January 2012

 Low tide sunrise and this morning looks awful with a sky full of vapour trails


Another great day of ice fields landings!! 


Monday 16th January 2012

The first real 'freeze' of the winter gives a great opportunity to grab things dancing on ice!!

Black headed Gull

Black headed Gull carefully coming in to land


Tuesday 10th January 2012

Long grey windy days - The story so far for this winter but a chance find on a woodland walk

A beech leaf encapsulated by Phlebia radiata - quite fascinating


Monday 09th January 2012

Plants do grow and flower throughout the winter - The first flowering plant of the year

Winter Heliotrope

Winter Heliotrope


Sunday 8th January 2012

Sunset Cromer pier


Wednesday 04th January 2012

More low tide sunrise images from Cromer's east beach - Not a bad place to be!!



Monday 02nd January 2012

Not a great sunrise but so far in 2012 this is the best it gets!!