A gallery selection of the 'Best of' .... from previous years Photo's of the month


Photo of the Month - Archive collection


May 2015

From our extremely pleasant spring break in Lesvos - A very graceful behavioural shot of these BW Stilts

Black winged Stilts

100-400mm @ 400mm - 1/1250 Sec @ f9 - AI servo - iso 400


April 2015

This month's PoM has to be the March partial eclipse - Unless you chase them globally a partial eclipse is certainly a very rare occurrence. We were so lucky and initially had thick cloud cover and couldn't see a thing. Thankfully the cloud quickly thinned for a short period before clearing completely by which time the whole thing was far too bright. The thin cloud cover was an absolute must and enabled us to 'grab' some very useful and rare images

A four shot stitch in Photoshop

500mm + 2x extender - 1/1000Sec @ f8 - MF - iso100


March 2015

The archetypal winter Yellowstone image - The iconic Bison sheltering against a tree with a cold, white and stark background

That feeling of cold and isolation and the struggle for survival

1/400 Sec @f8 - EF100-400 11 - One shot AF - iso800


February 2015

A wonderful season of action and intrigue.

This lovely capture depicts Grey Seal parental care and shows the mother seal carefully watching and guiding the pup to safety after it's first swimming lesson in rough seas.

An intimate moment between Mother & pup - Grey Seal parental care

1/2000th Sec @ f11 - 500mm + 1.4 extender - One shot AF - iso1000


January 2015

There are more African Elephants in the world than there are Atlantic Grey Seals, so I feel incredibly lucky to have a number of these fabulous animals breed on our local beaches and throughout the county. Watched with care this is a true wildlife spectacle.

An intimate moment in Grey Seal courtship

1/1600th Sec @ f11 - 500mm - One shot AF - iso1000


December 2014

A great atmospheric shot from this years Falklands photo-tour A great tour and a great destination.

The Falklands are one of the World's 'must go to' destinations for the wildlife photographer.

It's a tour of a lifetime and if you'd like to experience the fabulous Falkland Islands then contact me for a brochure and pre-register for the next available tour.

Lone Gentoo in sandstorm - An iconic South Atlantic image


November 2014

Taken during the last week of October In Canada's Banff National park

Adult American Black Bear fattening up on berries before finally hibernating

1/400th Sec @ f5.6 - 70-200mm + 1.4 extender - AI Servo AF - iso3200

October 2014

From the latest Yellowstone photo-tour.

One of my all time favourite geo-thermal features in the park - The Orange spring mound

1/200th Sec @ f14 - 16-35@ 16mm - Single shot AF - iso400


September 2014

A long wait for this one - Not quite 65 million years but this very rare classic British pre-war aircraft hasn't flown since 2002. After a very long and time consuming rebuild it really was the star of Shuttleworth's September pageant

A 1934 De Havilland DH88 Comet Racer - landing back at Old Warden after it's long awaited return to flight

1/800 Sec - f8 - 300mm + 1.4 Extender - iso2000 - AI Servo


August 2014

A classic air to air fighter shoot

A Vickers Supermarine Spitire Vb of 317(Polish) Squadron, RAF flying over the Kent countryside

1/400 Sec @ f8 - 70-200mm @ 70mm - iso125 - AI Servo


July 2014

A gorgeous landscape from this years spring trip to the Canadian Rockies

Moraine Lake still covered in ice and snow, Banff NP, Alberta, Canada

1/320 Sec @ f16 - 24mm - iso 400 - AvAf


June 2014

Flora and Fauna in one shot - A Squirrel eating a dandelion flower

A Columbian Ground Squirrel eating a dandelion flower head - Banff NP, Alberta, Canada

1/1000 Sec @ f10 - 300mm - iso800 - AI Servo


May 2014

It's May and it has to be Bluebells - A flowering Bluebell wood has to be one of our most marvelous natural spectacles

1/80th Sec @ f11 - 180mm macro - MF - iso400

A focus stack of 4 images


April 2014

Another great shot from this years Florida photo-tour

Florida's an excellent tour for bird photography - Why not join me in 2015

An adult Black crowned Night Heron in flight - Venice Rookery

1/2000th Sec @ f10 - 300mm + 1.4 extender - AI Servo - iso500


March 2014

A difficult choice to make after the latest Florida photo-tour but finally I've chosen this shot of an American White Pelican - Normally it can be quite difficult to get close to these over-wintering birds but this year we managed a couple of great session which resulted in my best set of images of this bird ever. Very pictorial and a super session resulting in many, many excellent images.

American White Pelican - An early morning in habitat pictorial shot lifted by the gorgeous reflections

1/1600th Sec @ f10 - 300mm + 2x extender - AI Servo - iso800


February 2014

I sat long and hard thinking of what image to use for this months PoM and in truth it could have been one of many.

In the end and for the first time ever I've gone for 2 images from the latest Photo-tour which I think sum up the Falkland Islands perfectly.

At times the weather can be absolutely glorious and almost tropical, at others the wind blows up from the south and west giving rise to changeable and incredible weather conditions!!

The Falklands truly are wonderful and a must go to destination for any wildlife photographer.

My next trip is November 2015 and places are selling - Why not join me on this fabulous photo-tour.

A pair of Gentoo Penguin on an afternoon stroll along the beach!!

1/2000 Sec @ f11 - 300mm - AI Servo - iso640

And battling along the beach against a howling sandstorm - The weather can change so quickly

1/1250 Sec @ f8 - 300mm - AI Servo - iso800


January 2014

The main reason for this seasons late Falklands trip - Albatross chicks!

A tender moment between an adult and it's chick prior to feeding

Black browed Albatross - Adult and chick

1/800th Sec @ f11 - 70-200 @ 200mm - One shot AF - iso400


 December 2013

 A disappointing fungi season - Dangerously windy for woodland work and far too wet. That being said there was some really nice stuff around on the days that you could get out as you can see from this wonderful bonnet cluster

Mycena inclinata

2.5 Secs @ f20 - 180mm macro MF iso200


November 2013

November just had to be a 'rut' photograph and this month we've been up close and personal with these two fighting Fallow Deer bucks - Aggression and concentration 

North Norfolk Fallow Bucks fighting for dominance during the annual rut

1/2000th sec @ f9 - 500mm + 1.4 extender - AI Servo - iso1000



October 2013

This time it's really something quite different

Coprinus micaceus - Mature cap and spore print

The mature cap was photographed  on a daylight balanced lightbox and the spore print was from the mature cap being left on a white card for 24 hours and the result then photographed - both images were then blended together in Photoshop to give an interesting contrast to the 2 differing stages.


September 2013 

I rarely get the opportunity to photograph butterflies & Insects so North Norfolk's CHB colony offers a great opportunity to grab something different

Female Chalk Hill Blue butterfly on plantain

1/30th Sec @ f20 - 180mm macro - manual focus - iso400


August 2013

An absolute No brainer and by far the best thing i've done this month.

Quite an easy shot really - All you need's a helicopter and a classic WW2 fighter!!

The Historic aircraft collections Hawker Hurricane flying over the Kent countryside


July 2013

Shuttleworth Military Air Pagaent

Low shutter speed panning - a challenging but worthwhile technique

Shuttleworths Hawker Sea Hurricane - The worlds only airworthy airframe

 1/80th Sec @ f18 - 300mm + 1.4 extender - AI Servo - iso200


June 2013

A lovely intimate shot from the latest trip to Gibraltar

A tender moment between Mother & Daughter - Barbary Macaque - 'The Rock Ape'

1/200 Sec @ f11 - 70-200mm @ 100mm - AI Servo - iso1000


 May 2013

The first of many great shots from this years Florida photo-tour. A difficult final choice for PoM as it could have been any one from many. Florida really is a great place for bird photography! If you'd like to join me the 2014 tour is now on sale

Little Blue Heron fishing

1/1600 Sec @ f11 - AI Servo - 300mm + 2x extender - iso800


April 2013

A great shot from the recent 'Just Jane' re-enactment day and night photo-shoot.

Capturing the feel of this gorgeous classic aircraft with this fabulous prop disc blur was exactly what I was after.

Thanks to Tony for the heads up and invite - A very enjoyable if not cold, wet & windy day! 

Avro Lancaster 'Just Jane'

15 Secs @ f8 - One shot AF - 24-105mm @ 50mm - iso1000


March 2013

LAS approach - This gorgeous red aircraft against a blue sky lifted by those lovely white clouds - simply superb colour and exactly what colour photography is all about

A Boeing 737 of Southwest Airlines - The world's largest 737 operator

1/1000 sec @ f11 ec +1/3 - AI servo - 70-200mm @ 200 - iso640


February 2013

Morro Bay - California

A really gorgeous little White Crowned Sparrow on the rocks at Morro Bay

1/1250 Sec @ f11 - AI servo - 300mm + 1.4 extender - iso800


January 2013

Just home from our travels and back to unpacking boxes again!

Great trip to California and some great images to share once I can get the time to get back on the PC.

American Brown Pelican - rare Pacific race

A 'classic' behavioural head throw from this gorgeous breeding plumaged bird

300mm lens + 2x extender - 1/1600 sec @ f11 - AI servo - iso800



December 2012

PAGB Silver Medal winner at the 2012 PAGB Annual inter-federation pdi competition & SPS members medal at the 2013 Smethwick International.

A great shot from the Falklands photo-tours - still a couple of slots left for January 2014 - Why not join me

Nesting Gentoo Penguin - Saunders Island 'The Neck' - Falkland Islands

1/160 sec @ f11 - One shot focus - 17-40mm at 17mm


November 2012

A really difficult choice this month as there were some really nice images from Yellowstone that I'd considered using. However,to go with the article on Fungi photography in this months Advanced Photographer, I felt I needed to use a fungi image and this one's really beautiful - Check out the article and let me know your thoughts on the guest book.

Mycena inclinata - growing on this gorgeous lichen covered stump

1.3 sec @ f20 - One shot manual focus and metering - 180mm macro + reflectors



October 2012

Yellowstone 2012 photo-tour

Bull Bison - An American icon in GTNP

1/500 sec @ f8 - One shot focus - 70-200mm - Ec+1/3 stop


September 2012

 The largest fence in the eventing world - A leap of faith to clear Burghley's Cottesmore Leap

 Lucy Jackson on Animator 2

 A difficult shot in to sun - 1/1250 sec @ f8 - AI servo - 24/105mm - Ec+2/3 stop


August 2012

Not a great summer and very few sunny days to boast about. It's not easy but you just have to try harder and occasionally you do get some very spectacular images on dull days.

RIAT 2012 - A Polish AF Mig 29 Fulcrum on reheat climb out 

Donna you asked for the Mig 29 - How's this??!!

1/1250 sec @ f10 - AI servo - 300mm + 1.4 Ext. Ec+2/3stop


July 2012

Some really good reasons for this shot - i like it, it was taken on the first but more importantly during this summers awful weather it proves that you can still get great images!! (not many though!!)

The Fighter Collections Curtiss H-75 Hawk fighter of the French AF retracting gear on take off

 1/250sec @ f11 - AI servo - 300mm iso 200 - Low iso and shutter to get prop blur


 June 2012

PAGB Gold Medal winner - Solihull open exhibition 2012

Snowy Egret take off

1/2000 sec @ f11 - AI servo - 70-200mm iso 640

If you'd like the opportunity to grab shots like this then join me on next years Florida photo-tour


May 2012

An Aeroshell AT6 Texan doing a Nascar burn out !! Impressive action at Lakelands Sun 'n Fun

1/320th sec @ f11 - AI servo - 70-200 iso 125 - Low iso & low shutter speed to show the prop blur


April 2012

No doubts about this months POM - even i was impressed!!

Gary Ward takes his MX2 down low and personal with the wall of fire - Florida International Air Show 2012

1/2000th sec @ f10 - AI servo - 300mm + 1.4 extender iso 1000


March 2012

A really difficult choice this month as even though the photo days have been few the ones there has been have been superb. So this months POM could have been one from many.

For no particular reason other than i like the closeness and action - Knot fighting!!

A cold and dull grey day and a feeding dispute in an icy pool

1/1000th @ f9 EC+ 1 stop - AI servo 500mm + 12mm tube iso 2000


February 2012

This gorgeous winter plumage Black Headed Gull landing on an ice covered pool is without any shadow of a doubt my image of the month

Black Headed Gull - 1/2000 f10 AI servo 70-200 iso 1000


January 2012

New years day in Cromer and a very Happy New Year to everyone

Cromer's annual new years day firework festival - 10secs f8 MF 24-105 @ 50mm iso 200


December 2011

In what was a disappointing fungi season this little gem seemed to flourish - fabulous texture and gorgeous colour oozing out of this rotting tree trunk

Wrinkled Crust - Phlebia radiata


November 2011

Another great image from another superb photo-tour and a new change from this month onwards - A larger format image to fully appreciate the depth and feel to future POM's

A splendid sunrise at Cascade Pools - Banff NP, Alberta


October 2011

Just home from the 2011 Canadian Photo-tour and this one's 'Hot' off the press

A Bull Elk crossing the Athabasca River outside Jasper


 September 2011

No question at all about this Months PoM - As a mark of respect to the Red Arrows Red 4

Bae systems Hawk T1 of the RAF's Red Arrows


August 2011

An RAF XV squadron Tornado GR4 on a zoom climb out of RIAT 2011 with condensation plumes


July 2011

An elegant Avocet in rich early morning light - North Norfolk Marshes

June 2011
The Shuttleworth collection - A beautiful day and one of the finest displays and collections of veteran and vintage aircraft in the world - It really should be a world heritage site

A one off classic - Shuttleworth's Hawker Sea Hurricane against a gorgeous skyline

May 2011

A great day to finish of the 2011 Florida Photo-tour A Snowy Egret returning with nesting material.

A Gatorland classic

April 2011

Stunning - What an incredible formation!! P51 thru' to F22 - A world classic sight and a privilege to see.

The 2011 Florida International Air Show

March 2011

The 2010-11 winter continues to be grey and dull - however on rare occasions it's been quite superb

 A very handsome male Teal - simply gorgeous colours in the last minutes of winter light
February 2011

The incredible colours of Yellowstone's Grand prismatic spring

January 2011

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year - Cromers New Years Day Firework festival

December 2010

Novembers weather really has been awful for photography - grey dull days with few worthwhile opportunities for quality images

A georgous winter plumage Turnstone on an extremely rare calm sunny day
November 2010

From one rut to another - North Norfolk

Fallow Deer - Head to head
October 2010

Yellowstone Photo-tour 2010

A testosterone fueled aggresive male Bison - a great behavioural image from this years photo-tour


September 2010

Florida photo-tour -A Great Blue Heron with Tilapia

August 2010
The Fighter Collection - Duxford Warbirds 2010
One of my favourite images of the year - Fighter Guard - The escorts escort!!

June 2010

A very handsome Avocet with reflection


May 2010

A beautiful adult summer plumage Little Grebe - gorgeous colours and reflection


April 2010

A super flight shot of a Great Blue Heron

The first of a great series of images from this years Florida photo-tour


March 2010

A simply gorgeous sunrise at Herbert Lake - Banff NP


February 2010

A male over wintering Snow Bunting


January 2010


On coming winter snow storms mass over the Cromer coastline

December 2009


 The Beautiful colours, cloud formation and reflections of a sunset over Salthouse Marshes 


November 2009

On the weekend of the first Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

The Ethiad Airways specially painted Airbus A340 - A very appropriate image indeed


October 2009

 A Bull Elk bugling in the Athabasca River-Jasper-Canada 


September 2009


 '6619' one of this summer's on loan Loco's at the North Norfolk Railway

 August 2009 

The Red Arrows synchro pair high speed cross over at RIAT 2009 


July 2009

A beautiful singing male Sedge Warbler


June 2009

A beautiful and intimate shared moment between these paired Laughing Gulls - Florida photo-tour 


May 2009

A fine flight shot of an adult Black crowned Night Heron - from the latest Florida photo-tour 


April 2009

A fine study of a Californian Ground Squirrel 


March 2009

From the Californian tour- 2 giant Northern Elephant Seals battle for beach supremecy 


February 2009

One of North Norfolks over-wintering male Snow Buntings 


January 2009


A Very Happy New Year from Cromer's annual New Year firework festival 


December 2008


From the Yellowstone photo-tour a true American icon - A handsome male Bison 


November 2008

On departure from London's Heathrow Airport - Singapore Airlines brand new Airbus A380 


October 2008

Old Faithful erupting with a gorgeous rainbow in front of darkening storm clouds 


September 2008

Snowy Egret fishing - from the 2008 Florida Photo-tour 


August 2008


The fine lines of an RAF Typhoon fighter on a reheat climb out from the Lowestoft airshow


June 2008


A portrait of a juvenile Barbary Macaque on the 'Rock' in Gibraltar

Rare and endangered in the wild and Europes only wild and native primate 


May 2008


A beautiful Roseate Spoonbill landing on a snag from the 2008 Florida Photo-tour


March 2008


A Greylag Goose bursting in to flight at Pensthorpe 


February 2008


A portrait of the beautiful, rare and endangered Pacific race of the Brown Pelican 


January 2008

Victoria Harbour by night from the 2007 Canadian photo-tour 


December 2007


A fine portrait of a beautiful Black browed Albatross - from the Falklands photo-tour 


October 2007


A lone adult male Gray Wolf - Yoho National Park Canada 


September 2007


The North Norfolk Railways Battle of Britain class steam engine The 'Biggin Hill' 


August 2007


The RIAT commemorative flypast. The Red Arrows with the BBMF 


July 2007

The delicate and fascinating flower of the Bee Orchid Cromer cliffs 


April 2007


A Black Skimmer doing what they do best 'Skimming' 


March 2007


A beautiful and alert Red Squirrel


February 2007

An adult Mute Swan just airborne in sweet winter sunlight 


December 2006

An RAF Tornado F3 fighter of the Falklands detachment


November 2006

Giant Polypore fruiting in Felbrigg Woods North Norfolk

October 2006

Sunset over Mt Rundle Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies