A selection of galleries of photographs of Birds from home and abroad



A male Merlin from the Scottish borders

A Northern Fulmar cruising the North Norfolk cliffline


One of North Norfolk's Meadow Pipit's strikes a beautiful pose

A magnificent Gentoo Penguin from the Falkland Islands

Black browed Albatross courtship

Two male Upland Geese face up to one another in the Falklands Goose wars!!

American White Pelican - The original Florida snowbird

An incredible vertical plunge dive from Florida's Brown pelican

Florida's graceful and majestic Great Egret flaring out coming in to land


The delicate and agile Royal tern


A very contorted pose from this Californian race Brown Pelican

 A Western Gull landing on the Californian coast

A beautiful little White crowned Sparrow on the Californian coast

 A Black winged Stilt from the Greek island of Lesvos

Black winged Stilt - Lesvos

Black winged Stilt - Lesvos