With the latest images page getting far to large I've now archived selected elements in to this section  


Saturday 24th December 2011

Turnstone's bathing - North Norfolk


Monday 12th December 2011

Close ups with the 'Usual Suspects'!! - Cley, North Norfolk coast

Herring Gull

Common Gull

Black headed Gull


Monday 05th December 2011

The last chance for some sunrises until the next set of early morning tides


Friday 02nd December 2011

Sometimes i wonder why on earth i get up early - Some mornings in know exactly why!!

Gorgeous colours and a glow in the air as the sun rises over Cromer's east beach


Wednesday 30th November 2011

North Norfolk and a very confiding Redshank

Fabulous light and a fabulous redshank


Monday 28th November 2011

Winter plumage Black headed Gull on golden waters


Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Bath time!!

Take off!!


Monday 21st November 2011

While it's still fruiting there's more work with Fungi to be done

Snowy Waxcap

Orange Bonnet and dew drops


Friday 18th November 2011

Round towered churches - added straight to the Norfolk Church gallery


Wednesday 16th November 2011

Time for Waders




Tuesday 15th November 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk

More beautiful Bonnets

A superb and intact group of young Sulphur Tuft


Monday 14th November 2011

Fungi - North East Norfolk

A gorgeous delicate Bonnet Mycena

There's some incredible and gorgeous Phlebia's around at the moment - Wrinkled Crust


Tuesday 8th November 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk woods

Common Bonnet

Glistening Inkcap


Monday 7th November 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk woods

Wrinkled Crust

Burgundydrop Bonnet


Wednesday 02nd November 2011

Fallow Deer North Norfolk - The Rut seems to have all but finished now but still the chance of some nice portraits


Tuesday 01st November 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk woods

Sulphur Tuft growing on Pine cone

Yellow stemmed Mycena growing on Pine cone


Saturday 29th October 2011

Fallow Deer Bucks - North Norfolk


Friday 28th October 2011

Fallow Deer - North Norfolk

Doe & Fawn


Tuesday 25th October 2011

Sika stags at Arne


Saturday 22nd October 2011

Heathrow departures

A gorgeous golden Gulf Air Airbus A340


Friday 21st October 2011

The Red Deer rut at Richmond Park

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer fighting


Thursday 20th October 2011

Heathrow Arrivals

Finnair Airbus A320

KLM Boeing 737


Wednesday 19th October 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk

The delicate Conifercone Cap


Tuesday 18th October 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk

Slimy Beech Cap

Yellow Stereum


Monday 17th October 2011

Fungi - North Norfolk

Devil's Stinkhorn

Devil's Stinkhorn - Cap detail


Friday 14th October 2011

That time of year again!!





Friday 30th September 2011

Time to call a close on this years Canadian photo-tour and time to reflect on the last 2 days of shooting in and around Banff

A great final sunset

A lovely family group of Bighorn Sheep and a superb final wildlife shoot


Thursday 29th September 2011

Patricia Lakes always gives you something - Having left JNP now's a good time to reflect on some super mornings work 



Early morning

Passing Storms


Wednesday 28th September 2011

More Elk in JNP

Bull Elk

Female Elk shaking down after crossing the Athabasca


Tuesday 27th September 2011


Those simply gorgeous shimmering Aspens


Monday 26th September 2011

An exciting find in JNP


Moose cow and calf

Moose calf


Sunday 25th September 2011

Jasper National Park

Glacial pool - Mt Edith Cavell

Elk cow - facial study


Friday 23rd September 2011

Jasper NP and time for the Elk rut

Young Bull Elk - Jasper National Park


Wednesday 21st September 2011

A classic Rockies sunrise

Herbert Lake


Another iconic image - The dramatic falls at Natural bridge


Tuesday 20th September 2011

An iconic shot from the Canadian Rockies

Herbert Lake


Sunday 18th September 2011

The start of the 2011 Photo-tour of the Canadian Rockies

Waterfall at Johnston Canyon


Monday 05th September 2011

The last month or so hasn't been a great time for NH photography - So it's nice to have other interests and subjects to photograph, hopefully the last series of entries will give you some ideas

St Bartholomew's at Hanworth

St Mary's at Roughton



Saturday 03rd September 2011

Burghley Horse Trials

William Fox Pitt riding Neuf des Coeurs - William goes on to win the event for a record 6th time

Angus Smales on Ballyvooney


Monday 22nd August 2011

Fun with Sunflowers - Glandford and the best field that I've found in ages



Friday 19th August 2011

A casual drive around and a pleasant opportunity to grab some churches against a lovely frontal sky

St Margaret's Hopton on sea

Cromer parish church - North face at first light 


Monday 15th August 2011

RAF Lakenheath and a great opportunity to grab some A10's


Quite a rarity in the UK these days - A detachment of A10's spend time at LN 


Thursday 11th August 2011

A surprise call and a great photo opportunity, Something I've wanted to do for ages - A lovely nostaligic afternoon and thanks to Jon and everyone at Saxon Air

Red 10 on Saxon's apron at Norwich

Red One and the team overnighting at Norwich after the Lowestoft air festival


Sunday 7th August 2011

More Gatcombe

On home turf - Zara Phillips on Silver Lining V

Angus Smales riding Clover Hero to victory


Saturday 6th August 2011

The Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe

Paul Tapner on Caicos - Gatcombe

William Fox-Pitt on Oslo


Friday 5th August 2011

A 'Quick'!! stop over at Heathrow on the way to Gatcombe and a day of wide angle approach shots

A Kuwait Airways Airbus A300

An Emirates Airbus A380 Super Jumbo with gorgeous high level cloud 


Wednesday 3rd August 2011

A beautiful morning at 'Snets'

Oystercatcher in flight 
Abstract art - Dunlin flock

Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Augusts weather's carrying on where July left off - cloudy, dull and rain showers at 'Snets'

Huge flocks of roosting waders at Snettisham



Monday 1st August 2011

Another month and another series of challenges - Let's see what August offers!!


Swallow Prominent Moth

Poplar Hawk Moth 


Sunday 31st July 2011

The first sunny day in what seems an age - Thank goodness July seems to be over at last, what a 'rubbish' month it was to

An early morning last look at this years Redshank family

Out of 3 chicks hatched 5 weeks ago there's now only one left - Mom's still on guard but the chick is full grown, fledged and flying well

The Sheringham Lifeboat powers it's way through the waves


Saturday 16th July 2011

Showtime!! - Unfortunately curtailed by heavy rain in the morning, however condensation means impressive photo ops - Check out the RIAT page in the aircraft section for more images from RIAT 2011.

GD F16 Fighting Falcon - The 2011 display aircraft of the RDAF

The fabulous French Rafale


Friday 15th July 2011

So far July's poor weather has resulted in a very unproductive photographic period - we really are overdue for a period of settled weather

That being said today was an enjoyable day of practise and arrivals at RIAT 2011

The RAF's brand new Airbus A330 Tanker makes a debut appearance
More brand new Airbus products with the arrival of the C295 AEW

Monday 04th July 2011

More wonderful Moths at Foxley

Poplar Hawk moth

Privet Hawk moth 

Sunday 03rd July 2011

Should have been Shuttleworth but the forecast weather was far better at home - Redshank on the North Norfolk coast



Friday 01st July 2011

 A new day, a new month and half a year gone already!!

 What a lovely morning - Still windy but a surprise morning with nesting Ringed Plover and what a gem they turned out to be - North Norfolk shingle coastline




Thursday 30th June 2011

Struggling for images!! Very few birds and it's either too bright or windy for flowers and insects - but back to Cromer cliffs to try to find anything

Marsh Helleborine 


Monday 27th June 2011

No birds and far too windy for flowers - So i thought i'd go and give the local Churches a go

 St's Andrew & Mary - Langham 

Painted relief at St's Andrew & Mary's 
Letheringsett's beautiful round towered Church
 One of many commemorative plaques at Letheringsett


Thursday 23rd June 2011

Thanks to the Norfolk Photographic Group a fabulous chance to visit the Scolt Head NNR

Sea Holly 

 Sea Holly


Wednesday 22nd June 2011

The parasitic Knapweed Broomrape - A fabulous and interesting plant

Cromer cliffs and like most things this year seemingly flowering 2 weeks early



Monday 20th June 2011

What an incredibly unproductive and changeable month June's turning out to be - Thank goodness for Dawn's moth trap and another session at Foxley

A gorgeous Elephant Hawkmoth roosting on Rosebay Willowherb

Burnished Brass - What a 'bostin' little moth


Tuesday 07th June 2011

More Moths at Foxley


The glowing Beautiful Golden Y Moth

Green Silverlines Moth


Saturday 04th June 2011

Linnets at Cley

Cock Linnet

Female - Hen Linnet


Friday 03rd June 2011

Time for Moths again - Foxley and moth trapping

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Burnished Brass


Thursday 02nd June 2011

An interesting day in the broads - Nothing too much to write home about though!!

Early Marsh Orchid at Upton
Common Lizard at Strumpshaw


Wednesday 1st June 2011

A very productive morning along the North Norfolk coast

Meadow Pipit with nesting material

Redshank in early morning light


Saturday 28th May 2011

Weather's 'rubbish' but another enjoyable day at Houghton 2011

Hector Payne on Jolly Jake

Adrian Little jumping Timone

Friday 27th May 2011

Another enjoyable 'posse' day at this years Houghton Horse Trials - A great day of exciting action with an entry of over 200 horses there's always something going on and a great deal to photograph

Georgie Strang galloping through on Whiskey Roo

Piggy French on Alvescot Prada on the dressage warm-up


Wednesday 25th May 2011

Back home and a great morning and photo op with a pair of Redshank on guard and watching over it's feeding brood - One's Mom the other Dad, try telling the difference??!!

North Norfolk coast


 Sunday 22nd May 2011

What a way to round off a fabulous mini break in Gibraltar - The 'Blades' display over the east beach - A superb display and the first time I've ever looked down on a flying display!!



 Saturday 21st May 2011

Gibraltar and it ain't just Apes!! - Some great photo ops for flying Yellow legged Gulls


Friday 20th May 2011

More Rock Apes!! - After yesterdays behavioural shots today's much more sedate with thoughtful portraits

Mom and Baby

A female in deep thought


Thursday 19th May 2011

Barbary Macaques in Gibraltar - One of my favourite places and a great place for a long weekend in the sun!!


Monday 16th May 2011

Another enjoyable day at our annual meet at the BWC - A great place for portraits and for photographing British wildlife- why not join me next year and register now for 2012

Fox - Vixen and a fine facial study
A handsome little male Muntjac

Saturday 14th May 2011

North Norfolk coast 

 Singing Sedge Warbler

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Blickling Great Wood for spring flowers - Not an ideal day too bright and windy but with the warmth and early flowering these flowers just won't wait!! 

Yellow Archangel 



Tuesday 10th May 2011

A bit of everything this morning although quite quiet and windy


Meadow Pipit



Monday 09th May 2011

Went out for Skylarks and ended up with super Swallows!!


Saturday 07th May 2011


Skylarks along the North Norfolk coast



Wednesday 04th May 2011

Meadow Pipits on the North Norfolk coast



Sunday 01st May 2011

A beautiful if rather windy day at Shuttleworth which curtailed the flying slightly - but still a lovely day and a wonderful blue sky  

The star for 2011 and the first ever airshow appearance of the new Polikarpov PO2

A fabulous display from Popham's georgous Antonov AN2


Wednesday 30th March 2011

CC once again for a last go with these beautiful little Burrowing Owls


Tuesday 29th March 2011

Sanibel - A great place to look for Osprey


Monday 28th March 2011

CC for Burrowing Owls


Sunday 27th March 2011

As someone once said - It aint just birds - A great day at the Florida International airshow

LM F22 Raptor - what an aeroplane!!

NA B25 Mitchell 
A simply gorgeous highly polished Lockheed L12




Wednesday 23rd March 2011

A fine close up study of a beautiful Laughing Gull 


Tuesday 22nd March 2011 

Roseate Spoonbill wading through a coastal lagoon


Monday 21st March 2011

On the move again - Up north to St Pete's and the greatest beach in the USA

Great Egret fishing


Sunday 20th March 2011

On the move again and up to a great location - Infact the best place I know to photograph GBH

Great Blue Heron flying straight and low over the surface - Just like a javelin 

Great Blue Heron with nesting material


Friday 18th March 2011

Down in the glades and a great day for osprey shots


Thursday 17th March 2011

More great portrait opportunities in the 'glades

 Anhinga female

Double crested Cormorant

Wednesday 16th March 2011
 Down to the Everglades and a great place for portraits
Double crested Cormorant 

Tuesday 15th March 2011

Mottled Duck


Monday 14th March 2011


Sunday 13th March 2011

The first days shoot on the 2011 Florida Photo-tour

American Coot


Thursday 10th March 2011

 A quickly grabbed morning and a last chance to grab these 'chaps' before they depart North and i depart for Florida - Don't ya just love reflection shots!!

Bath time for Norfolk's over wintering Snow Buntings


Tuesday 8th March 2011

Another really sunny day and we're really being spoilt now - warm spring weather so a look over at Pensthorpe for displaying wildfowl and a day of cleaning and preening!!


Greylag Goose wing flap

Female Mallard wing flap 
Male Tufted Duck wing flap 
Female Tufted Duck wing flap


Monday 7th March 2011

At long last a gorgeous sunny day - we really have waited an awfully long time for this - So probably a last chance to grab some shots of our over-wintering Turnstones before this years Florida photo-tour





Wednesday 9th February 2011

Unfortunately the dull grey weather continues but a quick bathtime session provides some useful images!!



Monday 31st January 2011

A calm sunny morning!! - Where on earth did that come from!!

A quiet morning for reflections in a far to busy North Norfolk

 A winter plumage Dunlin 

A wet and washed Snow Bunting 
 A watchful Turnstone
Friday 28th January 2011

The grey dull weather continues making quality imaging almost impossible - Thank goodness for Snow Buntings and a couple of hours sunshine this afternoon

The meteorological office now tell us that we've only had 40% of the sunshine we'd normally expect for January - Stroll on February!!





Friday 21st January 2011


This dull grey weather continues - 3 months now - The weekly forecast has just said that we've had less than 30 hours sunshine in January!! Absolutely dire and as a photographer so difficult to make things work in these awful conditions

Anyway the grey days are here, so it's strap on the flashgun and West Norfolk for Snow Buntings


Monday 10th January 2011

What a beautifully gorgeous start to the day with this fabulous low tide sunrise - Unfortunately within half an hour of taking this image we were back to dull cloudy grey again and that's the forecast for the rest of the week - get what you can while you can!!


So after such a gorgeous start to the day it's dull again - So strap the flash on and get what you can when you can!!

Mallard - Drake

Mallard - Duck

Thank goodness for Turnstone's!!


Sunday 9th January 2011

In the winter when there's nothing else to snap you can always find a friendly Turnstone


Turnstone's at rest  - North Norfolk


Saturday 8th January 2011

A sunny afternoon and a very welcome break from winters seemingly endless dull grey days

Pink footed Geese returning to roost at Holkham - Bosque del Norfolk!!




Sunday 19th December 2010

With so much ice on the side roads making it quite unsafe to drive and in the absence of wildlife to photograph it's back to the beach for inspirational imaging - All of these were taken by moonlight as the tide turns to accentuate the water flow patterns!!


Friday 17th December 2010

The daytime weather's still not great but what a super week for coastal sunrises - you really do need all of the elements working for you and that just doesn't happen more than a couple of times in a year!!

You need a low tide that coincides with the sunrise, just enough but not to much cloud!! the sort of wet sand that you really only get in winter, luck and patience - Rarely do you get 5 tidal mornings on the run and rarer still to get worthwhile images on 3 of them - Great stuff!!.



Wednesday 15th December 2010

What a difference a day makes!!!

Sunrise at low tide with reflections on wet sands can be pretty impressive 

This morning there was little or no colour in the sky, far too much cloud and it started to rain, not a great combination!! So I packed up and started to walk home - then out on no where and only for about 2 minutes this gorgeous glow appeared - well worth getting out of bed for on a winters morning!!




Tuesday 14th December 2010

There's worse places to live than Cromer!!

The weather's still not great but this mornings low tide daybreak was pretty good!!


Tuesday 7th December 2010

More ice 'stuff' - Turnstones in a flap!!



Monday 6th December 2010

Still not great weather - but a couple of beautiful hours evening light to get things on ice - quite a rare occurence for us on the coast

Common Teal - Male

Common Teal - Female


Friday 3rd December 2010

After nearly 3 weeks of dull, dreary grey weather this morning we had snow and a chance to get out with the camera at last - So after a week Cromer finally joins the rest of the UK in being snow covered!!

The Crab fishing fleet tucked and wrapped against the arctic cold!!

A stay at home day for the snow covered fleet



Tuesday 16th November 2010

Totally unexpected this georgeous weather lasts for another day and today there's no wind - which is really something for North Norfolk - A little breeze which then dropped and left fabulous reflections in superb light - For Norfolk, this is just about as good as it gets.

Winter plumage Knot



Monday 15th November 2010

November's still proving to be e cold, grey and unproductive photographic month - however totally unforecast today is one of those beautifully cold and sunny days which lift the winters weather and gives us a fabulous day with georgeous lighting conditions.

North Norfolk Marshes

Winter plumage Turnstone

Winter plumage Turnstone

Todays star turn - A  georgeous Purple Sandpiper

Friday 12th November 2010

After nearly two weeks of cold, grey windy weather an hour or two of sunshine

A couple of Church's and then the cloud and wind returned!!

One of my favourite Church's in Norfolk - The beautiful St. Margaret's at Cley next Sea

Very appropriate - A stained glass window to St. Francis - St. Margaret's Cley

All Saint's Weybourne
The medieval seal from the long gone Weybourne Priory - All Saints Weybourne


Monday 1st November 2010

The glorious rut continues

Chasing Buck

Lip furl - A buck tastes and senses the air

A beautiful yet totally disinterested female!


Saturday 30th October 2010

Family tranquility

Rutting Buck


Thursday 28th October 2010

North Norfolk Fungi Foray - One to one workshops a great way to learn new skills

Mycena galericulata
Mycena epipterygia
Monday 25th October 2010

Turnstone wing stretching

Fallow Deer Stag running


Tuesday 19th October 2010

The weather might have turned cold & wet but there's still fungi around to photograph

Neobulgaria pura

Glistening Ink Cap


Friday 15th October 2010

The excellent 2010 Fungi season continues - North Norfolk

Milking Bonnet - Mycena galopus

Bonnet fungus - Mycena galericulata


Thursday 14th October 2010

 Seems to be set for a fine fungi season with lots of different species fruiting

Many-zoned Polypore

Wednesday 13th October 2010
North Norfolk Fungi foray

2010 - A very good year for Ear pick Fungus


Monday 11th October 2010

North Norfolk Fungi foray

Black Milking Bonnet - Mycena leucogala

The fascinating parasitic fungi Asterophora parasitica

Sunday 10th October 2010

More super stuff from the Fungi foray

The scarce parasitic fungi Asterophora parasitica growing on an Ugly Milk Cap

Mycena galericulata


Saturday 09th October 2010

Images from the 2010 weekend Fungi photography workshop

Crimson Waxcap

Many-zoned Polypore


Friday 08th October 2010

Fungi foray North Norfolk

The strange and scarce bracket fungi Phaeolus schweinitzii


Thursday 7th October 2010

Fungi foray North Norfolk

Young fruiting Black Bulgar


Thursday 30th September 2010

Maddison river at dawn

Trumpeter Swan on golden waters


Wednesday 29th September 2010

Old Faithful

A young Bull Buffalo with Old Faithful erupting as a backdrop


Friday 24th September 2010

Mud Volcano

A fine wide angle study of a Bull rut Buffalo


Thursday 23rd September 2010

Hayden Valley - Central Yellowstone Basin

Blackhawk - Raven portrait


Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Mammoth Hot Springs

Misty morning at Palette Spring


Tuesday 21st September 2010

Sunrise on the way to the Lamar Valley


Wednesday 15th September 2010

Quite a few of you have asked for more Churchs - So here we go on the first blue sky day after seemingly endless grey days - Yellowstone calls, so the last chance to grab some shots before shooting off.

St Martin's Overstrand


Praying Angel - St Martin's Overstrand
St Michael's Sidestrand
WW1 plaque and memorial St Michael's Sidestrand

The Head of St John the Baptist Trimingham

Medieval panels at St John's

All Saints Gimmingham

The strangest of memorials with a skull sunk in to the wall - AS Gimmingham


Monday 6th September 2010

Guess who went to Lakenheath on Labour Day!! So no Wildlife and no Aircraft and as I hadn't had the chance to photograph any church's for a while I spent a pleasant morning on the way home 'snapping'

St Mary's at East Rayham - A classic and truly beautiful church
St Peter's at Weasenham
Stained Glass window at St Peter's

Sunday 5th September 2010

The grey changeable weather continues with some glimpses of sunshine during the NNR Steam gala - Black & White looks so good for timepiece images

One of this years star visitors - The Sir Lamiel
The George Stephenson
The Ring Haw pulling coaches for a change
Wednesday 1st September 2010

RAF Lakenheath - An easterly wind and a fabulous forecast turned in to another rubbish summers day!!

Welcome to the English summer - or at least the end of it!

An F15E on departure
A visiting Belgian AF Falcon


Monday 30th August 2010

Weybourne NNR - The last of the summers Steam before the weekend gala



Wednesday 25th August 2010

No luck with Wheatears - So landscapes - Frontal cloud and old boats

Crab boats Cley next Sea

Crab boats Cley next Sea


Sunday 22nd August 2010

Our grey and cloudy summer continues - However between times the sun occasionally shows           

Cromer East Beach - Groynes

Bladderwrack growing on an old eroded groyne post

Bladdewrack on groyne post

Bladderwrack bed covering groyne


Wednesday 18th August 2010

Cromer Carnival 2010

The grey weather continues but at least the sun shone long enough for the Red Arrows


Wednesday 11th August 2010

This period of changeable poor weather just seems to go on - So although only short a welcome and overdue morning at  RAF Lakenheath

F15E Strike Eagle

F15C Eagle Fighter
F15C Eagle Fighter
Sunday 1st August 2010

The Cromer Crew RNLI Lifeboat day - Grey and grotty but still enjoyable

On station - Launching the Tamar

Launching the Y-Boat - A boat within a boat!!


Saturday 24th July 2010

The Fun Fly-in at Northrepps aerodrome in Cromer

The absolutely fabulous Armeee de l'Air Force Nord 3202

Sky Ranger Swift


Saturday 17th July 2010

The 'Stars' from the 2010 RIAT at RAF Fairford

The incredibly impressive LM F22 Raptor fighter

The brand new Airbus Military A400M transport aircraft
Saturday 10th July 2010
Flying Legends - Warbirds display at Duxford

The lastest reincarnation for the Crunchie team!! with new sponsors Breitling

A very impressive high speed pass from P51 Ferocious Frankie
A very rare bird indeed - A French AF Morane Saulnier MS406 fighter of WW2
Friday 9th July 2010


Pirri pirri Bur
Thursday 8th July 2010
Kelling Heath
Viper's Bugloss
Sunday 4th July 2010
North Norfolk coast
Ringed Plover
Wednesday 30th June 2010

More Moths at Foxley

A very handsome Green Silverline


Sunday 27th June 2010

Old Buckenham's annual charity airshow

A very handsome NA P51 Mustang WW2 escort fighter
Saturday 26th June 2010
North Norfolk Coast

Ringed Plover


Friday 25th June 2010

Another Mothing morning at Foxley

Buff Tip Moth

White Ermine Moth


Thursday 24th June 2010

Upton Fen

Southern Marsh Orchid with Bee pollinator
Wednesday 23rd June 2010

Cromer hedgerows

The delicate Dog Rose
Tuesday 22nd June 2010
North Norfolk

Male Linnet

Female Linnet
Tuesday 15th June 2010

A long overdue trip to the Bass Rock - A very rewarding & enjoyable trip

A beautifully captured moment - Gannet courtship

Sky pointing



Saturday 11th June 2010

After a wet & windy week - Sunshine & Moths at Foxley

A beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth


Friday 4th June 2010

A sunny day and a drive to Toy-town - My first visit proved very worthwhile

An X1 Squadron Typhoon fighter

17(R) Squadrons T-Bird
41(R) Squadron Harrier
Thursday 3rd June 2010

A short and early mornings shoot

Meadow Pipit preening

Meadow Pipit stretching


Friday 28th May 2010

A very enjoyable day at the Houghton Horse trials

Amelia Green  guiding Grimley Fiendish through the water


Julia Krajewski riding Krispe B - Winner CCI* Section A


Sunday 23rd May 2010

Another morning at LHR Rw09L - Somethings different and not quite so large

A Bombadier CRJ700 of Lufthansa

An Avro RJ of Brussels Airlines


 Saturday 22nd May 2010

Superb weather and a long weekend at LHR - RW09L

The incredible Airbus A380 'Super Jumbo'

The beautifully coloured Aer Lingus Airbus A320 shows well against a crisp blue sky
Friday 21st May 2010



Ringed Plover


Thursday 20th May 2010

Woodland flowers

Red Campion

Yellow Archangel


Monday 17th May 2010

A chance meeting on Cromer Cliffs

A handsome hunting Male Kestrel - It's a lot less 'bovver' in the hover!!


Friday 14th May 2010

Another day with the birds on the North Norfolk coast

Rather late in the day and should really be long gone- but a fine summer plumage Dunlin
A very handsome Ringed Plover
Thursday 13th May 2010

At last - An opportunity to get out and get some spring flowers

Great wood - Blickling




Wednesday 12th May 2010

Stil cold and windy but a nice session with some very confiding Avocets

Wing stretch after washing

Forage for breakfast!!


Sunday 2nd May 2010

An on-off day to Badminton for the X-country - Cold, wet & windy, but very enjoyable

Elizabeth Power riding Kilpatrick river
Kai Ruder on Les prince des Bois
Thursday 29th April 2010

Another very enjoyable day with the 'posse' at the British Wildlife Centre - A really great day out

If you would like to join me for BWC 2011 please do register your interest

Fox - Vixen

12 week old male Fox cub

Female Badger cub

Scottish Wildcat


Friday 23rd April 2010

Another enjoyable morning at Cromford

Another beautiful Little Grebe

An adult Moorhen with gorgeous reflections
Thursday 22cd April 2010

A great day at Cromford with some very rewarding images

A very handsome Little Grebe with reflection
Saturday 17th April 2010

North Norfolk Coast

Some very interesting images as the Turnstones moult through in to summer plumage
Tuesday 13th April 2010

North Norfolk coast

Meadow Pipit

Adult Turnstone - Just starting to moult through in to summer plumage



Tuesday 30th March 2010

Cape Coral - Florida

Check out the Florida galleries for more images from the 2010 tour

Burrowing Owl


Friday 26th March 2010

What a great place Florida is - Always comes up with the goods!!

A very handsome Great Blue Heron


Tuesday 23rd March 2010

More images from the photo-tour

Brown Pelicans formation marching!!


Friday 19th March 2010

Another super image from this years Florida photo-tour

The beautiful Purple Gallinule - Everglades National park


Momday 15th March 2010

What a great start to this years photo-tour - photographing my Florida nemesis!!

Sunday 7th March 2010

A beautiful spring day with lots of gorgeous sunshine - but far to many folks around!!

Black headed Gull moulting in to summer plumage banking over Cley

An adult Oystercatcher in beautiful evening light - Cromer car park!!
Friday 5th March 2010

At the end of a very sad week the hard work is begining to pay

Barn Owl with prey
Monday 1st March 2010

A bright sunny day and a great opportunity to check out the locals before they head North!!

Male Snow Bunting

Saturday 20th February 2010

After a great start what an awfull grey and dismal month feb's turning out to be!!!

Barn Owl hunting over Burnham marshes


Wednesday 10th February 2010

After another week of cold, grey dismal days an afternoon of sunshine and a drive over to Cley

Wednesday 3rd February 2010

North Norfolk marshes

Common Teal - Drake

Common Teal - Duck



Monday 1st February 2010

A day for close up studies

Male Snow Bunting

Sunday 31st January 2010

Sunday lunch and a quick look at Brancaster

Bar tailed Godwit and Sunday lunch!!
Tuesday 26th January 2010
After weeks of seemingly dull grey days - A day at Norwich's Whitlingham Country Park

An adult Cormorant

Egyptian Goose displaying

This winters rarity - A winter plumage Red necked Grebe


Monday 4th January 2010

What a cracking day, Cold and with a light covering of snow, which proved to be very rewarding indeed

Black headed Gulls - Always the most photogenic of subjects, this ones against a stormy sea

A beautiful male Common Teal in golden afternoon light

One of my Winter targets - A Snow Bunting in the snow!

A gorgeous winter Turnstone - Beautifully lit by the light reflected off the snow
Friday 1st January 2010
New Years Day and incoming winter storms build up over the North sea

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

Cold and Icy and stuck, thank goodness for an obliging little 'Wag'

Pied Wagtail


Sunday 20th December 2009

It's been a long wait for a set of easterly winds with dramatic stormy skies - but well worth it

Cromer's East beach

Cromer's east beach - Not bad for 5 minutes from the doorstep!!


Tuesday 1st December 2009

That time of year when you get one day a week if you're lucky!! But great light when you do

A beautifully lit Common Gull 'mewing'


Monday 23rd November 2009

Another morning between the rain and winds checking out the local pools

Redshank fishing


 Tuesday 17th November 2009

A quick look around the North Norfolk coast

A Redshank stalking through the shallows at Cley Marshes

A winter plumage Turnstone

A winter plumage Red throated Diver offshore at Titchwell
Thursday 12th November 2009

A Greylag Goose proving it can walk on water - A very aggressive sprint dash!!


Tuesday 10th November 2009

Fungi foray - North Norfolk Woods

Glistening Ink Cap


Sunday 8th November 2009

As we enter our best period for sunsets - one of Norfolks most beautiful this year

The incredible glow of the setting sun over Salthouse Marshes
Friday 6th November 2009
Witton Woods - North Norfolk

Mycena inclinata


Wednesday 4th November 2009

Holkham Hall North Norfolk

Fallow Deer Buck


Saturday 31st October 2009

A weekend in London for the Annual Deer rut!!

A truly magnificent and handsome Red Deer Stag

Fallow Deer Buck

Sunday 25th October 2009

A very pleasant morning at LHR-What a glorius way to waste of day!!

An Emirates A380 Airbus-One heck of a beast!!


Friday 23rd October 2009

Port de Pollenca and a world rarity

An adult Audouin's Gull


Monday 19th October 2009

Palma Airport

A TUI Fly Boeing 737 on finals


Tuesday 13th October 2009

So scarce around here that it was worth going back for

A close up shot of the fruiting head of the Dog Stinkhorn


Sunday 11th October 2009

One of the gems from this years Fungi workshop

The scarce and fascinating Dog Stinkhorn


Friday 9th October 2009

The beautiful rich autumn colours released as the brackens die back

Buxton heath
Thursday 8th October 2009
Scouting for the weekend fungi workshop

A splendid 'clump' of Honey Fungus


Wednesday 7th October 2009

Out scouting the North Norfolk woods in preparation for the weekend fungi photo workshop

A magnificent Giant Polypore
Thursday 01nd October 2009
Daybreak on the Lake Minnewanka loop-Banff-Alberta
Two Jack Lake-Banff
 Monday 28th September 2009
A delightful Gray Jay offers a great photo session for the trip participants
Gray Jay-Bow Valley Parkway
Sunday 20th September 2009
An excellent start to the 2009 Canadian photo-tour with this handsome Bull Elk

Bull Elk Jasper-Alberta


Wednesday 16th September 2009

A chance opportunity as the RAF's Sea King rescue helicopter gets airborne from Cromer lighthouse

One of Wattisham's RAF Westland Sea King rescue helicopters


Tuesday 8th September 2009

A short break at Heathrow whilst on the way to the RPS in Bath for the autumn Nature A&F assessment

A departing BMI Airbus A319


Friday 4th & Saturday 5th September 2009

Images from the North Norfolk Railway's weekend steam gala

Visiting GNR Loco '1744'
A lovely study of '1744' fresh out of the sheds
Tuesday 1st September 2009

A nostalic morning 'snapping' Steam Loco's at NNR

Visiting engine '6619'



Wednesday 19th August 2009

Cromer's annual carnival day

Our annual visit from the RAF's Red Arrows formation aerobatic team

A first for Cromer - And a superb display from this beautiful BBMF Spitfire


Tuesday18th August 2009

Another great morning at Stansted capturing the arrivals
A EuroCypria Boeing B737-800
A Norwegian Boeing 737-300
An Air Berlin A320
Sunday 16th August 2009
A quick but worthwhile session at Stansted

The ever present and active Ryanair Boeing B737's

An airarabia A320 Airbus

An EasyJet Airbus A320


Sunday 09th August 2009

The 'Lester' lauches for the 2009 Lifeboat day here in Cromer

Lifeboat day launch 2009


Saturday 08th August 2009

What a find, A fabulous field of Sunflowers to shoot - North Norfolk



Thursday 6th August 2009
A quite unbelievable fortnight - tens of thousands of Ladybirds swarm North Norfolk
Ladybird swarm - Cromer
Sunday 02nd August 2009

A little sunshine and a great flying programme at Shuttleworth's 2009 Military air pageant

A'brand new' display classic - The Hawker Demon

A modern jet for Shuttleworth - An ETPS Hawker Hunter

Sunday 26th July 2009

The Cromer Inshore lifeboat caught in action

Cromer's Inshore Lifeboat in action



Thursday 23rd July 2009

One of those days in England!! Another grey day and another Airshow - Lowestoft 2009

The show 'stealer' the beautifully schemed Hawker Hunter GPSST

A French Air Force Alpha Jet 


Saturday 18th July 2009

RIAT 2009 The world's greatest military airshow - another grey day but a super airshow - more images coming soon in the aircraft galleries

The incredible Red Arrows synchro pair cross over

This years show stealer - The HS Vulcan B2 bomber



Monday 06 July 2009

Not the greatest NH photograph in the world - but a rare and interesting chance find

Grass Snake, nest and eggs


Wednesday & Thursday 01-02 July 2009

More of North Norfolk's wild flowers

Knapweed Broomrape on Cromer cliffs

Pyramidal Orchid at Beeston

Pirri pirri Bur at Kelling


Sunday 28th June 2009

A very enjoyable afternoons flying at the Old Buckenham airshow - but another grey day!! Will we ever get a sun blessed airshow in 2009?

The very impressive Piston Provost

P51 Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll's' high speed pass

Friday 26th June 2009

While the weather holds an afternoon in a field photographing arable flowers

Pineapple Mayweed


Thursday 25th June 2009

Another lovely morning on the North Norfolk coast

An adult Redshank calling

Meadow Pipit


Wednesday 24th June 2009

Great Crested Grebe's on the River Bure

Great Crested Grebe swimming

Great Crested Grebe with catch


Tuesday 23rd June 2009

A morning with Little Egrets at Salthouse

Little Egret fishing
Saturday 20th June 2009
A grey day at Kemble 2009 led to some dramatic imagery

The Sea Vixen climbs away in to sun

Air Atlantique's beautiful Pembroke displays against menacing dark skies


Wednesday 17th June 2009

Getting to grips with singing Skylarks



Friday 12th June 2009
After a very inactive couple of weeks an enjoyable morning with singing male Sedge Warblers

Sedge Warbler in song


Sunday 31st May 2009

A very pleasant summers afternoon 'checking' out what's about at Old Buckenham airfield

Saturday 23rd May 2009

Always make the time and take the opportunity to try something different -A great day at the Houghton International Horse trials

William Fox Pitt

Marc Todd 


Sunday 10th/ Monday 11th May 2009

A couple of lovely mornings photographing feeding Mipits returning to the nest site with a variety of 'grubs'

Meadow Pipit

Wednesday 06 May 2009
A wet and windy week- so a perfect opportunity for woodland flowers

Water Avens


Friday 01 May 2009

North Norfolk's finest - An early morning 'scout' around at Salthouse

Meadow Pipit


Tuesday 28 April 2009

An enjoyable day with the 'posse' at the British Wildlife Centre


Scottish Wildcat
Friday 24 April 2009
A day at RAF Marham for shots of landing Tornado's

Bae Tornado GR4

Bae Tornado GR4
Wednesday 22 April 2009
A day at Pensthorpe trying out Canon's latest AF fix

Greylag Goose landing

Greylag Goose taking off