The wilderness 'gem' of the America's


The beautiful Canadian Rockies 

A land of astounding scenery, colour, rivers and waterfalls and another great photo tour destination

 A superb photo-tour destination and still one of the greatest places to visit for the Outdoor photographer offering amazing photo opportunities

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Jasper's Totem pole

The beautiful Athabasca River in the Jasper National Park - Canadian Rockies Photo-tour 

The crashing waters of the falls in Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park 

The waterfall at Marble Canyon - Kootenay National Park

Sunwapta Falls - Jasper National Park

A double Rainbow against the oncoming snow storm - Jasper National Park

The unbelievably rich colours of the soils at Paint Pots - Kootenay National Park

One of North America's highest waterfalls - Takakkaw falls in Yoho National Park
Tangle Falls - Jasper National Park

Victoria's Bear Totem