The Wildlife of Yellowstone & The Grand Teton National Parks


Yellowstone's magnificent Wildlife 


A handsome male American Bison 

An aggresive rut male dust pawing 

Getting a good dusting 

A rut Bull dusting

Shake down

Clouds of dust 

A rut Bull running

On the edge before crossing the river 

A female stood in the Mud Caldron 

A young female Bison 

A female Bison with an old battle scar!!

A yearling calf

A rut Bull guarding female 

American Bison Bull - a true american 'icon'

American Bison - young Bull 

Bull Bison and entourage 


A young Bull 

Female Bison 

  Female Bison 

Bison herd - Cooking Hillside 


 Another true iconic image - A young bull 'Buf' walking past an Old Faithful eruption

A handsome Bull of the GTNP herd

Female American Bison - GTNP 

A male American Bison stands guard over a female  

A 'ruting' male checking out a female

A rutting Bull & cow on the Cooking Hillside

American Bison bull with calf  


A female American Bison with young calf 

A female Bison with calf  

A young female 'Buff' 

A young Bison Calf

Bison calf

Bull Moose 

Female Moose 


Female Moose 

Adult female Moose feeding 

A female Moose feeding

ruting Bull Elk 

An adult Male Elk 'bugling'  

An adult male Elk stands guard over a female  

An adult male Elk
Female Elk crossing a misty stream

A female Elk feeding in front of a hot spring  

A Female Elk tasting the air 

Elk - Yearling calf crossing the Maddison

Female Bighorn Sheep  

A gorgeous and curious Coyote 


Least Chipmunk 

Trumpeter Swan 


Trumpeter Swan

Raven pair 


The ubiquitos American 'Blackhawk'