A selection of images of the wildlife of the Canadian Rockies 


The Wildlife of Alberta's Rocky Mountains


The swagger and stance of a handsome fully mature Bull Elk during the annual rut


A mature Rutting male Elk bugling

A Bull Elk against oncoming Stormclouds and Rainbow


Bull Elk-Jasper NP

Charging through the river


Bull Elk crossing the Athabasca River

Brown Bear

Black Bear

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

Bull Elk Bugling


Bull Elk aggression

Bull Elk starting 'bugle' call

Bull Elk

A Young 'Buck'


Young Bull Elk

Female Elk


Female Elk portrait

Female Elk with yearling


Shaking down after crossing the river

Female Elk suckling fawn



Moose cow with calf

Moose calf

Male Mule Deer browsing a garden hedge!!

Female Mule Deer

Female Mule Deer

Bighorn Sheep - ram

Adult Bighorn Ram

Bighorn Sheep - ram

Bighorn Sheep

Going Down!! A young Ram descends down a vertical cliff face

Bighorn Sheep yearling

Bighorn Sheep at mineral 'lick'

The ever endearing Pika

Pika being curious


Pika 'alarm' calling

An adult Pika 'On Guard'

The ever curious Gray Squirrel

The gorgeous Golden mantled Ground Squirrel

Golden mantled Ground Squirrel

An enquisitive GM Ground Squirrel


A very smart looking Clark's Nutcracker

Clark's Nutcracker

Clark's Nutcraker


Clark's Nutcracker

Raven in snow shower

Raven - The Blackhawk






Gray Jay 


Gray Jay

White tailed Ptarmigan

White tailed Ptarmigan

White tailed Ptarmigan


White tailed Ptarmigan

White tailed Ptarmigan